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[R] The Madman's Daughter, by: Megan Shepherd

The Madman's Daughter
(The Madman's Daughter #1)
by: Megan Shepherd


Sixteen-year-old Juliet Moreau has built a life for herself in London—working as a maid, attending church on Sundays, and trying not to think about the scandal that ruined her life. After all, no one ever proved the rumors about her father's gruesome experiments. But when she learns he is alive and continuing his work on a remote tropical island, she is determined to find out if the accusations are true.

Accompanied by her father's handsome young assistant, Montgomery, and an enigmatic castaway, Edward—both of whom she is deeply drawn to—Juliet travels to the island, only to discover the depths of her father's madness: He has experimented on animals so that they resemble, speak, and behave as humans. And worse, one of the creatures has turned violent and is killing the island's inhabitants. Torn between horror and scientific curiosity, Juliet knows she must end her father's dangerous experiments and escape her jungle prison before it's too late. Yet as the island falls into chaos, she discovers the extent of her father's genius—and madness—in her own blood.

Inspired by H. G. Wells's classic The Island of Dr. Moreau, The Madman's Daughter is a dark and breathless Gothic thriller about the secrets we'll do anything to know and the truths we'll go to any lengths to protect.
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Okay, okay, okay... I thought enough for now. I have almost all my thoughts united and I can write this review now. I picked this book thanks to the infographic of EpicReads 365 Days of YA, which is a reading challenge too and in where I challenged myself to read fourteen books per season. I never thought of me picking up this book, because is really not my cup of tea, but I read the first chapter and I was hooked. Its dark, its well-written and horribly beautifully perfect.
“My heartbeat faltered. He pulled away, taking a little piece of my heart with him.”
Juliette Moreau is the Madman's daughter, the girl that no ones talks about and always ignore. After her dad disappeared, her mother died years later leaving her alone and with nothing. She had no option, but to work after being a lady in the high society, now a maid. Her only friend, Lucy, invited her to a night out, after a few drinks and some dares, the group went to see corpses in the university (where Juliette work). They watch how people were doing a vivisection, which was illegal, and Julietter noticed something... the notes the people were using are from her father. The Madman was alive and she was going to found him and ask for explications. Then pieces mixed together after finding Montgomery, her old childhood friend and her fathers servant. She went with him without thinking if it was for the best or the worst. Terrors await for her and the worst of them all, love.
"Maybe I was a little mad, too."
As I said, this book was very well written. It hooked from the beginning and in every plot twist... I was shocked. And that end, GOD! I didn't really think this was a real series when I began to read the book. I thought that maybe her story would end in this book and the other books were going to be of other characters. I was so wrong and I'm so excited to keep reading the story. But I'm so scared of what I'm going to read that I don't know if I must.
"Madness overcame me like a whirlwind."
I'm not too into thrillers, suspense, horror and/or terror, and this book has all of them, but also has some other genres I love (romance, retellings, fantasy...). If you love all those I mentioned, you should definitely read this book and therefore you will read the next, just like I will.

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