Saturday, February 28, 2015

[R] A Home for Lily, by: Elizabeth Kelly

A Home for Lily
by: Elizabeth Kelly


Trapped in a loveless marriage with a baby on the way, Lily Castro doesn’t believe life can get any worse until a car accident changes everything. Now, alone and broke, she’ll do whatever it takes to provide for her baby.

Firefighter and single dad, Logan Anderson, needs a nanny for his traumatized child, Hazel. When the fragile woman he rescued from the wreckage of a car shows up at the station to say thank you and applies for the job, he agrees to hire her.

Lily is determined to keep her new job as a nanny. It means the difference between keeping and losing her baby. But will her growing feelings for her new employer destroy her chance at a fresh start for both her and her baby?

my thoughts

Once again, fate jumps in and screws my perfectly neat tbr list. I was downloading some books into my iPad and this book jump in and it intriged me (because of the cover), I read the blur, read the first chapter and then I couldn't stop reading it. I finish it in almost three hours and I love every second of it.

I will keep this short. Lily have been having a terrible life with an abusive husband. She found out that she was pregnant and was trying to decide if telling him or not. When she was sure that she was not going to tell him and she will just disappeared, the accident happened and that changes her life forever. Her recuer is Logan, who have other issues too. Who was her wife died of overdose and his little girl (Hazel) saw it all, leaving her marked and not wanting to talk at all. He is a firefighter, so he needs a nanny for Hazel. Lily is now alone, without money or place to leave and soon to be a mother. So, Lily applies to be Hazel's nanny. And you can put the puzzle together, right?

I knew this book was going to be lovely and I was going to like it a lot. I DID. It was quick, very sweet, romantic and sexy (haha). If you want a book that fits all that, this is your pick. Sweet, lovely and sexy, the perfect combo.

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