Tuesday, February 10, 2015

#LfBReadathon [Day 2]

#LfBReadthon hosted by Jesse [Novel Heatbeat]
This readthon began yesterday and I'm surviving. I didn't actually set myself any goals in the sign up post, but I was thinking in maybe reading between 4 to 5 books. I finished one already, so that means I'm good? I still think is impossible with all the work I have to do from my classes, plus from my work. BUT I'm trying my best reading in every corner I can even more some minutes. Here is my progress:
Currently Reading: Sapphire Blue, by Kersten Gier & I'll Meet You There, by: Heather Demetrios
Pages Read Before: 66 pages
Pages Read Today: 370 pages
Total Pages Read: 322 pages
Books Completed: 1 book
Books Read (review on the title):
I did some advance, right? Tell me I'm not that behind! If I finish at least one of those two books by tomorrow, I have a chance to reach my goal... right? Wish me luck!

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