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[Series Review] The Iron Fey, by: Julie Kagawa

I just finished one of my dearest series, a long one, and I feel like burning my house because I wanted more and expected more. I know deep inside of me that there's no more, but I just want more. At least one chapter, for heaven's sake! I noticed that I haven't reviewed them all, so I will review the ones I haven't and the ones I did, so everything is on sync. THIS IS FULL OF SPOILERS! Two series form one called:
by: Julie Kagawa
Rated: ★★★★½

Rated: ★★★★☆
Everything started for me on February, 2013, and ended today, April, 2016. I have always, always loved the Fae, so I went right into this series without looking what it was about or anything. To my surprise the faeries of the books were based on A Midsummer's Night Dream, by William Shakeapeare, and I went over the moon. Then I started to recognized characters, met new ones and I couldn't stop smiling. The whole story of Iron Fae and all was the cherry on top.

Meghan Chase, in my opinion, is one of the best narrators in the whole series. Ethan Chase is quite good, but it doesn't compare and reading from Ash's was good too, though. At beginning, Meghan does not know nothing of the Hidden, aka the faeries. Not even when his best friend is one, aka Robin Goodfellow (or Puck as everyone calls him). But when Meghan notices that she can see Them and that somehow his brother was traded... She finds herself in the mission of searching for her brother, Ethan (at that time a child of, I think, five years old). While trying to bring him back, secrets keep coming up and the mission just gets harder and harder.
Rated: ★★★★★

Rated: ★★★★★
Rescuing Ethan was a piece of cake in comparison with everything. In three books, Meghan discovered that she was a half-faery herself, daughter of Oberon, King of the Seelie Court. Not only that, but because of that she has a power not other faery has, she can touch iron, making her an iron faery. A new race of faery was born when humanity created the technology they have now. The Iron Fae are dangerous to the others, Summer and Winter, so the courts are threatened by them, and making a war against them. When Meghan discovered she was the Iron Daughter, she went seeking for help to the Iron King, Ferum, but little did she know that he was dying and soon SHE was going to become the Iron Queen. You see, rescuing Ethan was easy-peasy.

Rated: ★★★★★
But do not forget about the forbidden love between Ashallyn' Darkmyr Tallyn, aka Ash, the Ice Prince son of the Mab, the Queen of the UnSeelie Court, and the new Iron Daughter, then the Summer Princess. Those two courts, aka the Summer and Winter courts, HATE each other to death, so both of them falling in love makes Romeo and Juliet a walk in the park. Hearing Meghan thoughts let us know that she was always in love with him, but Ash was so so quiet in his thoughts, until he wasn't anymore. Ash is the kind of son that would never betray his mother (the UnSeelie Queen), except for love. But how a faery like him, without a soul, can love the Iron Queen.

Rated: ★★★★½
After war is over, Meghan is in his throne controlling everything of the Iron Realm (Mag Tuiredh) what is left of the series is to see the happily ever after between Ash and herself. That's when the last book of The Iron Fey comes in action. Told in Ash's perspective. He has to find a way to live with his Queen (Meghan) in her realm without dying of iron sickness. The only way out is to find a soul and to do that the journey is very long, to become the Iron Knight. Deep into the Deep Wyld, where there's no map and no one can guarantee him that he'll come back with a soul.

Rated: ★★★★★
That book, now I know, give us glimpses of the series that comes after. New characters as the Thin Man (mayor of a Forgotten town), the Wolf and of course, the Forgotten (a race of Fae that has been forgotten and that is slightly fading away). Of course, we see more of my favorites characters, such as Grimalkin, the annoying cat that knows everything but tells you little until is too late. I seriously love that cat! The thing is that Ash does find himself a soul and goes back to Meghan to reign as her consort, but wait!

Is NOT over! Before Meghan is even pregnant, there comes a seer with an interesting prophecy, the Iron Prophecy. It says that her son will kill Ethan (his uncle) and he will unite or destroy the courts once and for all. Whoops! I guess that it wasn't that the end of the series, right?

When I finished the Iron Knight, I knew I couldn't continue to the next book, The Lost Prince, because the book was going to end in a cliff. I knew it, still went for it and I was left hanging so bad and it hurt to wait a year for the second and another year for the third and last. Color me a dumbass!

Rated: ★★★★½
The thing about this new series is that is told by Ethan Chase, ask the Lost Prince. This story continue Meghan's but a lot of years later. Meghan had his kid, Keirran, and he is big enough to be called the Iron Prince. When Ethan arrived, by accident, to the Nevernever, Meghan is terrified for himself. She knows that if he meets Keirran, the prophecy will come to be real. But, again, little did she know that not everything is in her power now.

Let's go back and give some background of Ethan after all these years. After all the chaos when he was kidnapped and all, Ethan left Nevernever knowing about Them and seeing Them in every corner. Now, that he has seventeen, he doesn't want to do anything with them. He feels betrayed by his sister and forgotten. In the mortal world, the Fae know of him and knows that he can see Them, so they bother him a lot. Ethan started classes for self-defense, which come very handy to deal with them. Now, the thing is that they are actually behind him, trying to kill him, so he has to take matters in his hands. What he doesn't know is that he will drag Mackenzie St. James, aka Kenzie, with him to Nevernever.

With all this background, we have among ourselves another war. This time between the Forgotten and the "real" Fae (Summer, Winter and Iron). The problem of the Forgotten is that they don't want to be exactly forgotten anymore. They want to live, and their queen is commanding them, aka the First Queen of Nevernever. She wants to go back to her glory days, where the Veil didn't exists and the humans were just a play toy to the faeries, days of blood and misery. No one wants to go back to that, right?

Rated: ★★★★½
The Iron Traitor is our dear Keirran. Keirran is in love with a summer faery named Annwyl, sounds like something you know of, right? There was a plan made by Titania, Queen of the Seelie Court, to see Keirran fall and Annwyl was the one to become his doom. When Annwyl couldn't follow the Summer Queen's plans, she was exiled of the Nevernever. The poor girl start to fade and slowing becoming one of the Forgotten. Keirran, as in love as he is, starts to look for something to keep her with him and to not let her fade. The only way is to use dark magic and bind his soul to her, but that means he will not have a soul, making him a pawn of the First Queen. What a clusterfuck!

Rated: ★★★★★
Everything does come to a good end, but everything has a cost. The poor girl, Annwyl, died. Thin Man died trying to make the Forgotten against the First Queen (he succeed, but still died). Ethan was our hero, called the Iron Warrior. Keirran was exiled from all Nevernever and cast to the In Between as the Forgotten King. Which I think he has to fight that crown with Leanansidhe, aka Lea, who proclaimed herself the Queen of Exiles and lives in the In Between too, but we will never know. There is so many things that we will never know and I'm very very mad about it. I wanted a better wrap-up of the whole story. I wanted a real Epilogue. I wanted to Keirran to be happy. I wanted to see Ethan being happy with Kenzie. I wanted so many things and I'm just mad that I will not see even a quart of it all.

Do not get me wrong! I LOVE, love, LoVe the series. Will be one of my many favorites forever and ever. But I am mad I don't have more. I just wanted the magic to had a happy ending and the author just gave me an ending. Nothing more. GIVE ME MORE! Please? Es inútil! Nadie nunca me escucha! Ugh. Guys, I recommend the whole two series no matter my thoughts. Have patience with the books, sometimes they get a little dragging but is all worth it. I love it all, thank you author for giving me such a fantasy world to live in for three years. So, yeah, read me later!

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