Saturday, April 16, 2016

[R] Trashy, by: Cambria Hebert

(Take It Off #10)
by: Cambria Hebert


She’s trying to move on, but the past won’t let her go.

I fell in love once. It was a big mistake, but the biggest mistake of all was staying with him. He pushed me around. He cheated and treated me like trash.

I don’t feel sorry for myself, because I let him. But no more. I moved out. I'm saving my stripper's salary for an education that will get me somewhere better. But breaking the chains of a shitty past isn’t easy. He says I owe him. He says we aren’t done. I don’t care what he says anymore.

I do care about Adam.

But my history tells me I’m not the best judge of men. And the fact Adam’s been married four times tells me he probably isn’t a safe choice. I need safe. I need better. I need out. If the past is any indication of my future, getting out isn’t going to be easy.

Yes, I skipped book number nine... because of reasons. Today, I saw this was the last book of the series, I'm not counting Taxi yet because is not out, and decided to read it. I did, devoured and now I'm here writing this review and you reading it.

If you read book number two, then you know who are the main characters of this book. Back in my review of book number two, I complained that I really wanted to know what happened with Roxie and Adam, so eight books later I got my wish. These two have been dancing around each other for long time. But he was married and she was in an abusive and toxic relationship. Now, that finally they are free to love each other as they like, Roxie's past is catching up with what Roxie wants as future. Adam would do anything for her, but Roxie has a lot of baggage.

I loved Adam from way back on book two, but now reading his thoughts and reading a story focusing on him, has be loving him more and wanting him for myself. Adam is the type of guy that's looking for the love of his life but in the wrong places. But what I will complain is the fact that we don't know THAT much of him in this story. He gives us a brief background, but nothing bigger. He had four wives, but we only know about two and met one. I just wanted a little more of background. The type of background that we had of Roxie.

Roxie is goddamn hilarious. She is Roxie. In this book we see how she really is, how cool and how rough was her past. But, she stills want a better future. She was to make her world better. And while doing that she can bag the prince charming of Adam, right?

I loved the book, but it was too short and predictable. Either way, like it. So, now, I'll be here waiting for Taxi to arrive, which has in suspense. Read me later!

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