Saturday, April 9, 2016

[R] Tipsy, by: Cambria Hebert

(Take It Off #5)
by: Cambria Hebert


Julie Preston is an artist. But her canvas isn’t paper or clay. It’s hair. She spends her days coloring, blow drying and styling her clients hair at the Razor’s Edge salon. Julie is also annoyed. She went out on a date and had a great time, gave the guy her number and the jerk never called.

So when he waltzes into the salon and sits down in her chair she briefly considers strangling him with the pink cape she fastens around his neck.

Too bad she can’t.

Blue Markson, the guy who never called, is a police officer so causing him bodily harm would be a first class ticket into the slammer. Just looking at him again makes Julie forget why she was mad in the first place, but she’s already learned that Blue is nothing but heartache. So when he starts coming around, acting like he hadn’t made her stare at the phone for days, she tries to brush him off.


Her life is about to blow up in her face, she’s about to get caught up in a sticky web of crime and the one guy who can help her is the one guy she vowed never to trust again.

And then, Cambria Hebert makes a book like this. Flawless! Ready to hook you up and hard to let go after the last page. Left you wanting more. I LOVED this book, so I certainly can forgive her third book slip, because this book was just perfect for me.

Julie is a hair stylist. Blue is a cop... an undercover one. But she doesn't know and she thinks he stood her up. When he got the chance to make up for her mistakes, he's called again into undercover. But Julie notices his cover and everything goes down the hill. Not for him, but for them. He is in deep shit, and she is in the middle of it. She doesn't even know it, until it is too late.

Cambria has a fixation for guys in uniform, I swear and I am not complaining. What's better than a man who fills a cop uniform in the right places? Oh, yeah, I want a Blue just for me. Plus, he is sweet, he cares and he would do anything for Julie, so there isn't much to ask. Julie is not the typical character that is defenseless, she's fierce and even though she is in the middle of shit, she fights. Obviously, she worries, but so does Blue. The whole story is perfection. How the author created, how it ended, everything is perfect.

THAT END. Oh I love it! I want a cop boyfriend just so he could create that scene. I love it, love it. It is hands down the best epilogue so far of this series. Now more than ever, I will continue reading this series. Read me later!

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