Saturday, April 9, 2016

[R] Tricks, by: Cambria Hebert

(Take It Off #6)
by: Cambria Hebert


Love can play tricks on your heart… After serving several years in the United States Marine Corps, Sergeant Tucker Patton decides to hang up his uniform and go to work at a private investigative firm owned by his buddy. His boxes are packed and he’s got one foot out the door when a phone call changes everything.

Instead of going to North Carolina, he heads to New York City to literally step into the life of his twin brother, who died under suspicious circumstances. But pretending to be someone else isn’t easy.

Especially when the person you’re supposed to be is wanted dead.
Not only that, but he’s going from being blissfully single to living with his brother’s woman. An uptight, no-nonsense lawyer.

Charlotte Rose Carter doesn’t have time for fun and games. She graduated with honors and made all the right moves fresh out of college to jumpstart her career as a successful young lawyer. She even snagged the most eligible bachelor in New York City’s corporate world.

So what if her and Max’s relationship isn’t burning up the sheets? So what if their life doesn't read like a chapter from a sizzling romance novel? This is the real world, and in the real world that stuff is just fantasy.

Until it isn’t.

Suddenly, just the slightest touch or a single glance from Max has her heart doing somersaults. Suddenly, the lackluster relationship begins to spark, and Charlotte finds herself tied in a knot of desire.

But she has no idea about the tricks being played right under her perky little nose.

If you read book number 4 of this series, you will know that the male character of this book is one you already know a little bit of it. Tucker Patton appears here and there are sweet cameos of Nathan and Honor. I loved this book! After the last book, I think this series is going up and up, hopefully that will not change in a near or far future.

What we did not knew about Tucker was that he has a twin. When that twin, Max, is murdered, the FBI contacts Tucker to fill Max's position and retrieve the proof to arrest the people who kill his brother. The thing is that Max lived with his girlfriend/best friend, so when Tucker sees her for the first time sparks fly. Charlotte knows that Max, aka Tucker, is different and has changed for good, until she discovers the truth and finds herself the memory of Max or a new life with Tucker. But don't forget the bad people that want the new Max dead.

I'm telling you guys, this book is as good as the last one in the series or even better. It hooked me fast, it kept me reading until I finally finished. It was shorter than I would like it to be, but it had a gorgeous epilogue.

I would like longer epilogues, maybe some flashes of years later, not months or just one year. I love happy ending so give me more. It isn't that hard to ask, right? Just a few happy sentences more, nothing more. Anyways, dudettes, these books are full of romance and if you love that shit as much as I do, read these books. No, wait, read everything that Cambria Hebert has written. I'm not regretting finding her once upon a time, and even though there's one book I don't like, I will try to read all of her books. You'll see. Read me later!

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