Wednesday, April 6, 2016

[R] Tempt, by: Cambria Hebert

(Take It Off #3)
by: Cambria Hebert


Stranded and alone with not one, but two wickedly enticing men.

Ava arrives at the airport, expecting to board a commercial flight to Puerto Rico. But a plane ticket isn’t waiting for her. Instead, she finds a guy with dark curly hair wearing seriously ratty jeans and holding a sign with her name on it.

He may not look like a pilot, but he is. And he’s her ride.

So now it’s just Nash and her on a tiny tin can of a plane flying over the Atlantic. When a thunderstorm comes out of nowhere, it proves to be too much for the little aircraft.

Ava and Nash plunge from the sky and end up on an uncharted deserted island.


As if that isn’t bad enough, Ava starts to desire more than just rescue—hunger for more than food. Nash is only too happy to oblige… but it seems they might not be as alone as they thought.

And Nash might have some competition in claiming Ava’s body… and her heart.

Excuse my language. WHAT THE HELL. Let me tell you guys, there nothing more that I hate like love triangles. I seriously, seriously hate them. That was my biggest problem with this book and that is just the beginning.

When you find yourself stranded with a hottie on a desert island, what do you do? You have sex with the hottie, that's what. The hottie flirts with you before, in the middle, the plane crashed and he's still flirting with you because what the hell, you are the only girl on the island. But then again, the island is not that desert, there is another man and what you think? Let me get into his pants too? Ding, ding, ding! She was really, really confused between these two men and I got pissed. Really, bitch? Nash saved you and clearly wants everything with you and you are dreaming of the other man. Hoe!

I told you about my issue with love triangles, which comes from way back (Twilight). I really don't mind if the love triangle is the usual couple and another person in love with one of them, but when the triangles comes from when one person is not sure who he/she loves, damn, I hate it. I hate every single bit of the triangle. Apparently, I hate geometry.

My other issue has to be about Spanish. If you haven't noticed, I am from Puerto Rico (the island mentioned in the blurb, not the desert island). I know Spanish, so when an English talks my language and I see something not so quite good, I get pissed. "Mi adoro", does not mean I adore you, it means my dearest. I'm sorry, but get your shit together editors. The other stuff was perfect, but I was annoyed for that little mistake (don't get me started).

While reading this book I kept wondering is the book was going to blur the contemporary/fantasy line. I mean, those dreams? It made me think a lot. I hate the month that passed at the end. I liked how it end, but I really saw it as rushed and I dislike that.

Separated point. Why are these books a series if they don't happen in the same place or have the same character or something to link them? Is not that I'm much complaining, but they are just stand-alones by the same author and which titles started with T. For now, I haven't seen another link between them. Either way, I'm gonna read them, but do you get me?

Anyways, that was my piece. Read me later!

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