Sunday, April 17, 2016

[Series Review] Crossfire, by: Sylvia Day

by: Sylvia Day

Overall: ★★★☆☆
I have to confess that this review would be a little bit better if I had reviewed when I read the first four books. But at that time, I was super lazy and I just wanted to read and no review. Now, that I finished the last book in the series, it was obvious that I was supposed to make ALL the reviews. So, why not a series review? I'm just warning you that this review might be all
reflected in how I felt after finishing the last book, and the series, so there can be spoilers.

If you have read other people's reviews, so might see that I agree with some of them. This series was too goddamn long to function as I would like. I really think that the author would have wrapped it up in the first three books and that's it. NO ONE need the last two books.

I couldn't stop myself to compare this series to others well known, like Fifty Shades or even This Man. This story follows the life of Eva and Gideon Cross. Just like the other series I mentioned, the male main character, Gideon, is super rich... as in, like Eva describes him, someone who owns almost half of Manhattan, or was it Long Island? Anyways, Eva is just a cross between the girl next door and the Princess Diaries. Her mother has always married rich people, so she has some kind of money. When Eva and Gideon's lives collide, shit hit the fan for them. They weren't prepared for each other, but they couldn't stop what was happening. This two were opposites that crash and burn the entire city.

First, we got the full story from Eva's point of view, then much later in the series we see Gideon's, which isn't that wow, really. Second, their lives before each other were very very fucked up... as in therapist fucked up. You know... these books weren't bad. The first three books were actually good, but then the gum got so stretched until it snapped.

But the last book was the line for me. While I was reading the book, I was waiting for the biggest plot twist ever and it never came. The book was boring to tears and some things, like Monica's death, were so unexpected that it pissed me off. I didn't notice I was in the last chapter until I saw the Epilogue page! I was like, what the fuck I have been reading?

Guys, I do NOT recommend this series, period. I never do this, but this series did not contribute anything to me. I have to admit that I like some parts, even love, but overall it was a shitty story. I'm shocked of saying something like this, because I have read other books of this authors and they were great. What the fuck happened? I will never know. But I can say that I read them all, and that I don't recommend them. Peace out.

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