Friday, April 1, 2016

[R] Feels like Summertime, by: Tammy Falkner

Feels like Summertime
by: Tammy Falkner


Katie Higgins was the first girl I ever loved. We spent one summer together at Lake Fisher when we were sixteen and then I never saw her again. My life is shit, my job is gone, and my dad had a stroke, so I find myself back at Lake Fisher once again. And so does Katie. Her last name isn't Higgins anymore, because Katie is married with three kids and one more on the way, but when she shows up at Lake Fisher with her kids, danger trails her all the way there. I could do a lot of things. I could leave and go home. I could stay and deal with it. But what I want most of all is just to take care of Katie. If I concentrate on her, maybe I won't have to face my own problems. Yeah, that's it. Fix Katie.

I haven't seen Jake in eighteen years, but the moment I lay eyes on him, I feel safer than I have in a very long time. Memories swamp me every time I look out over the clear, cool water. A first kiss. A first boyfriend. A first love. That old spark is still there. I just can't act on it, and neither can Jake. Our story started eighteen years ago, and then we both made lives with other people. Jake is willing to tell me about his, but I can't share mine with him. Ever. We can be friends and spend another summer together, right? Sure, we can.

This was definitely a book recommended by Aestas, because is one of her last favorites. She finally convinced me with her rambling. So I thought why the hell not? I gave it a chance and in less than 5 hours, I read the whole book. I like it, like it.

The story is kind of bittersweet, but if you really think about it, all second-chance stories are bittersweet. These two got eighteen years between when they first fell in love with each other and when they finally see each other again, and fell in love once more. The coincidence, both times were Summer. Katie came, eighteen years later, to the place that she loved so much. Seeking safety and a good time for her three kids and one on the way. Jake comes back to the lake after being suspended from his job and his father needing him, when he arrives he sees Katie. Every piece falls in its place and the story starts all over. Their love is something that cannot be forgot, but there are things in the shadows and those things are threatening to keep them apart.

I loved the scene. Is a place that I would love to experience somewhere. I have never been to a lake (like a real lake, me swimming in it and all) and I wish to have that experience. I love the characters, but my favorite one was Pop. He was hilarious and without him in the book or being like he was, this book wouldn't have been the same. For real.

Jake was the typical swooning guy that had all the best words in. He always knew what was the perfect thing to say, but he never actually say it like it was supposed to sound. He was a "I have my foot on my mouth, but seriously, that was not what I was going to say" guy, but it was totally perfect for him. Katie was too impulsive and never stop to hear explanations until Jake make her to listen. I hate those type of stubborn, but it actually fit her.

I had a great time reading this book. It was short, fast-paced, easy language, sweet and overall the happiest book I ever read. Because even though there were parts not that happy, you felt happy that everything stayed in that last chapter, and you could continue the book without a problem. I really enjoyed it and I like it.

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