Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Book Issues [6] - Book Covers

Its been a while since I post one of these, Book Issues, not because I didn't have anything to talk, but because I didn't have too many time. I have a little time now, so why not use it well. As you may know, I created this to basically ramble about any problem related to books that I have and that maybe you do too. Hope you like reading the following issue...
Book Issue #6 - Book Covers
​I really really have an obsession with Book Covers. So is really obvious that I get pissed off when someone screw with them and my mojo. My problems would be:

  • Changes!
When they have the brilliant idea to change the covers after a couple of books already published. Let's have this following example:
As you can see the first two books in this trilogy are stunning, but oh wait for the last one. BAM! They changed it and it didn't really look the same anymore. Brilliant, right? But let me be not too rash. They try to fix it by changing, later on, the first two books covers too and finally all of them matched. But I'm still kind of pissed off because the old covers were stunning!
But this doesn't stop here! You might be thinking "at least they change them all", but not everyone thinks like this. See this:
Yes, I admit that the third book isn't that ugly, is pretty really. But still! The first two were gorgeous and the third doesn't dance with them and never will because they haven't made new covers. Whatever!
  • Do not judge the book for the cover. Really!
I know this is really cliché, but is so true! Some covers really deserve to be in a trash can, sorry graphic designers, but it is true. Have you heard about Vampire Academy or the Lux series. Both are REALLY good series, but the covers? Take a look:
You see Shadow Kiss? Doesn't looks like Rose as whiskers? I know! The covers of VA aren't that bad, but the poses are really weird. But what about Lux? Doesn't looks like bad photoshop? I know! The thing is that most of the pictures are taken from different sources and you can even see those people in other covers of books like in Significance. You notice that is the exact same picture, right? Those types of things drive me nuts!
  • Different covers depending the country/language/edition.
If you have a really good cover, why would you change it just because the book will be delivered to another country or will be written in another language. I understand different Publishers and all, but damn. I just hate it. See this:
I have to admit that the German version is beautiful, why I can't have that one in English? Damn!

Okokok... I ended my rambling. What do you think?

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