Saturday, March 5, 2016

[R] 1980: You Shook Me All Night Long, by: Casey L. Bond

1980: You Shook Me All Night Long
(Love in the 80's: A New Adult Remix #1)
by: Casey L. Bond


My name is Tina. I’m a freshman at USC, a good student and friend…

And I’m a victim.

Hot guys make my brain turn to mush. So, the fact that I was arrested then survived a massive earthquake only to be shackled to the fox next to me can all be overlooked, right?

Okay, so I was arrested before I met Luke. A tremor that caused a blackout at the LAPD precinct where we were being held. Although technically, I wasn’t shackled to him, I was handcuffed, but still. Any and all lapses in my usual—totally sane, I might add—judgments, are his fault. Totally.

I wouldn’t typically do the things I did. I’m no outlaw. I’m a college student.

I came upon this book thanks to other author, Cambria Hebert. I'm subscribe to her newsletter and in it she said she was releasing a new book based in the 80's. She said the book was connected to a series called Love in the 80's. Her book is the third one, so I got in my mind I had to read the first two, even though they are not connected, I just needed to.

I read this book and it did not disappoint. I was not born in the 80s, but I kind of remember them like it was yesterday. So many movies I have seen, so many pictures of my mom in it. I feel I'm from there, so I totally love all the setting of this story and the ones to come. But this one in particular was so hilarious, sweet and hot. The story is short, direct to the point and leaves you wanting more.

Tina is hilarious, but focus. Luke is a worker, but a crazy boy. These two are mean for each other and they know it. But Tina has so much in her mind that doesn't want to let anyting more in. Luke is driven, so he'll fight for her even is against her own mind. The whole police thing was fucking hilarious! But sadly was something that happened much in the 70s and in the 80s.

If you want something short, sweet, hilarious and hot... you might need to read all these stories, because I will.

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