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[R] Fifth Grave Past the Light, by: Darynda Jones

Fifth Grave Past the Light
(Charley Davidson #5)
by: Darynda Jones


Charley Davidson may not look like your everyday, run-of-the-mill grim reaper, but she has vowed to reap grimness wherever she goes despite this unfortunate fact. Sadly, she gets sidetracked when the sexy, sultry son of Satan, Reyes Farrow, moves in next door. As he is the main suspect in her arson case, she has vowed to stay away from him until she can find out the truth.

However, when dead women start appearing in her apartment - lost, confused and terrified beyond reason - Charley has no choice but to ask for Reyes's help, especially when it becomes apparent that her own sister Gemma is the serial killer's next target. With his ability to observe incorporeally, surely he can find out who's responsible. And even if he can't, he is the one man alive who could protect Gemma no matter who or what came at her. But he wants something in return: Charley. All of her - body and soul. And to keep her sister safe, it is a price she might be willing to pay...

Well, well, well. I just read the fifth book in this wonderful series and still hasn't let me down, but really I don't think it will ever let me down. I won't ever get bored reading these, no matter some things repeat, the story never is the same. *sighs* Should I keep telling you to read this?

Last book left us knowing that Reyes is the new neighbor of Charley and Cookie. And better yet, he gave Charley a key of his apartment. Also, if you saw in my last review, Charley wasn't quite herself, but it ended with somehow almost there. In this book we have the Charley we always had, we are happy for it and for her. Now, don't let the blurb fool you. Charley never asked for help to Reyes, until the last 50 pages when she really thinks Gemma is in danger. The cases in this book are quite sad, like always, right? But, really, poor girls and I hate to think that the killer got away with it, in a way.

Things I want to talk about now:
  • Reyes + Charley - I have been telling you that these two should have a heart to heart and reveal their feelings, right? Well, they kind of did and the result was wonderful. At the end, we don't really know if Reyes proposed or not, but not even Charley knows. *wink*
He quirked a brow. "How would you like your eggs?"
I tried. I really did. But I glanced at his crotch and it came out anyway. "Fertilized?"
  • Garrett Swopes - I feel bad for him. He went to heaven, saw his dad who told you it wasn't his time and in the way back to his body, he went to hell just a minute. What he saw and what he suffer make my heart break. But now we know he truly believe Charley and he is glad to help her in whatever she needs. That's what friends are for!
  • Ubie + Cookie - Why can't these two be together? Why can't they stop denying things? UGH!
For now, that's it, because I don't want to give much away. Only certain things. Plus I have a bunch of things from uni to do and I haven't because of Charley, sooo laters or maybe tomorrow. Idk.
Bloody hell. Before I knew it, the entire world was going to know I was the grim reaper. Wait, maybe I could get a reality TV contract. We could call it Grim in the City.

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