Tuesday, March 22, 2016

[R] First Grave on the Right, by: Darynda Jones

First Grave on the Right
(Charley Davidson #1)
by: Darynda Jones


Private investigator Charlotte Davidson was born with three things: looks; a healthy respect for the male anatomy; and the rather odd job title of grim reaper. Since the age of five, she has been helping the departed solve the mysteries of their deaths so they can cross over. Thus, when three lawyers from the same law firm are murdered, they come to her to find their killer.

In the meantime, Charley's dealing with a being more powerful - and definitely sexier - than any spectre she's ever come across before. With the help of a pain-in-the-ass skip tracer, a dead pubescent gangbanger named Angel, and a lifetime supply of sarcasm, Charley sets out to solve the highest profile case of the year and discovers that dodging bullets isn't nearly as dangerous as falling in love.

my thoughts

OH MY FREAKING REAPER! I knew this book was going to be good, but this was extremely good. It was hilarious, created with suspense and freaking hot! You haven't read this book... put everything on hold and read it.

okayokayokay. Imagine one of those series where there is a medium or someone who can see ghosts and what not. In my mind I have Ghost Whisperer. Well, this book is really near to that show. She can see ghosts and she cross them to the other side, but things are trickier than that, ok? She is a PI, so actually resolve the murders with the help of her uncle, which is a cop. She is basically the Grim Reaper. She helps those who need help, but the plot twist... she is THE light. TADA! But there is another plot twist. She is supernatural, duh, and there is someone somewhat like her. She is set to know who he is, because it constantly appearing in her things (dreams, cases, house, near death experiences... you name it). So, yes, you guessed it. He is supernatural too and better yet, she is in love with him.

Oh, Death, why are you so handsome? Or should I say Satan or son of Hades or what the fuck? His name is Reyes, so let's keep it that way. He is so dreamy, but mysterious dark and very irritating because of the few words he use. But he protects fiercely, loves too much.... and dayum from where you came from?

I'm telling you! Read this book and the whole series, because I'm sure I will.

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