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[R] Third Grave Dead Ahead, by: Darynda Jones

Third Grave Dead Ahead
(Charley Davidson #3)
by: Darynda Jones


Paranormal private eye. Grim reaper extraordinaire. Whatever. Charley Davidson is back! And she's drinking copious amounts of caffeine to stay awake because every time she closes her eyes she sees him: Reyes Farrow, the part-human, part-supermodel son of Satan.

Granted she did imprison Reyes for all eternity, but how is she supposed to solve a missing-persons case, deal with an ego-driven doctor, calm her curmudgeonly dad, and take on a motorcycle gang hell-bent on murder when the devil's son just won't give up on his plan of seduction..... and revenge?

OHHHHH. This review will definetely have SPOILERS, so watch out. But before the spoilers I should add that if I had more stars, I would rate this book with all the ones that exist. This book was insanely beyond perfection! I swear, you should stop reading my review and READ THE BOOKS.

What we knew before this book:
Charlotte "Charley" Davidson is the grim reaper. But more than that, she is the portal to Heaven. So Rey'azel or Reyes Alexander Farrow is her opposite, he's the portal to Hell and the son of Satan. Everyone saying they were made for each other, but seriously is that even mythically correct? We know, but not exactly know, that Charley has powers that even she doesn't know. For now we know that she can see and talk to the departed. She can feel others emotions (like read them) and see every memory of a departed once they cross through her. She is insanely fast (when she wants to) and heal just as fast as Reyes. About Reyes, well he is supernatural and can do whatever he pleases, but everyone keep saying that he will destroy the world if he's not stopped.

What this book teach us:
Charley definetely has more powers than she can imagine. Starting from being super fast without her knowing to be that way, and to cause an earthquake when her emotions aren't in check.

Scenes that will be in my mind until I read the next book:
Why people keep betraying Charley over and over again. In last book, it was Leland (Charley's dad) begging a serial killer not to go after Charley, when obviously it was going to happen that exact same thing. So Leland actually set it up, thanks that Charley is supernatural and can fight for her life. In this book we have Reyes doing the same exact thing Leland did, but instead of a serial killer, was with his earhten father, Earl Walker. But this time around, the bad guy ALMOST makes permanent damage to Charley and ALMOST kill Swopes. Reyes seriously had bad timing to wanting to be unbound.
Other betrayal in this book is... DING DING DING! Leland again. This time around he kept asking Charley to quit her PI job and to do other things. Obviously, Charley declined and what does he do? He suministrates evidence to Officer Vaughn to arrest Charley under she knowing and helping Reyes escape from the prison. Which is totally BS. Leland, you aren't going to win fave character award any day soon.

  • Charley -OMG! No more comments, that's enough.
  • Cookie - Ohhh she is becoming more and more hilarious in every book. I'm seriously need a friend like her.
  • Ubie - Isn't he the best uncle ever? He didn't appear much in this book, but we sure will see him a lot in the next book, I think. He is seriously pissed off that Leland betrayed Charley and wants to do anything in his power to help her.
  • Reyes - I really hate his betrayal, but at least he did whatever he could to help. What I'm most pissed is the fact that neither he nor Charley are accepting her feeling towards each other. You can feel the love towards each other and not one of them says a peep. Instead Reyes keep saying that Swopes is her boyfriend and Charley keeps hitting on Donovan, making Reyes pissed, but not enough to kill D. Can they be more stubborn?
  • Swopes - DON'T GIVE ME MORE HEARTATTACKS, PLEASE! Almost fell for your trick, don't ever do that to me Garret!
  • Leland - you are definetely not getting a Christmas gift.
  • Donovan - from where the hell did you came from and what will do you to stay where you are? But mostly, what the fuck do you want with Charley. She's Reyes!
  • Artemis - Never Thought She Was Going to Be Charley's Guardian! AWWWE! (she's a dog)
Seriously, dudes and dudettes. You SHOULD READ THE FUCKING SERIES, I'm not kidding.

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