Saturday, March 12, 2016

[R] Havoc, by: Nina Levine

(Storm #8)
by: Nina Levine


I was happy doing my own thing.
No connections.
No demands.
No problems.
Just me, my club and a whole lot of dirty work to take care of.
She never wanted a biker.
She wanted stability and I gave up on that years ago.
We tried to fight it.
Neither of us wanted it.
But she calms my fury and I show her a man who accepts every part of her.
Now we're trying to figure out how to be together.
Because when the need for each other is this strong, to deny it will only cause complete havoc.

my thoughts

warning: if you haven't read any of the other books in the series, this book and review HAVE spoilers. the book can be read as a stand-alone, but why would you do that when all these men are just as delicious. follow the order, broh.

I had the need to review this book, for reasons that I don't even know. I have not review any of the other books and I think I never will (don't know neither).  But I can tell you that Storm MC is in one of my higher places. I just love all these men, no matter if they are from Brisbane or Sydney, but clubs are the shit.

This book comes in between of both clubs. Takes place just after REVIVE, but before SLAY and the others, including RELENT. Havoc is known to be a brother from the Brisbane club, but he loves the road, so he goes to any club from Australia. So, yes, we see more of King (which I'm dying to read his story).

So, that's Havoc for you. Now, Carla is, TADA, Nash's sister. Both, Carla and Havoc started everything as a fling. But feelings got involved, Nash's figure everything out and was bossing Carla to leave Havoc and yada yada. The whole book was a ride and I really like every second of it. But just as the other Storm's books, I wouldn't read them again. The charm of these books is to read them once and happily remember them.

I hated that this book was in the middle but is number eight in the series. I hated knowing that Marcus was screwing everyone in this book still. I hated knowing that Black isn't yet in the picture. I hate so many circunstances things, but overall I like the book, story, swooning characters and so on.

At the end, everyone is happy. They got married and I hope to read about this couple in the future books, which there will be out hopefully soon. bye.

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