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[Series Review] Colorado Mountain, by: Kristen Ashley

Ugh. I have been trying to make this series review since summer '15 and its been a pain, because time and as you can see, is kind of long. I read these books between the last days of June and the first days of July, AND will read the last book of the series as soon it comes out. But the author said that it will NOT be the last one, so for now I'm going to review what its out and the series is...

by: Kristen Ashley
You see, I 'marathoned' Kristen Ashley books in summer '15 and this was the third series I read of her and she did not let down. I really like every single of them!


After reading the Rock Chick series, this book was totally a downfall for me. Because, well, this was actually a love story, there wasn't so many action or anything. But I did loved the romance, so kudos for that. The book is long, because believe me all KA books are, but the book was good enough to keep me reading it, even after a trash day of work. Even though KA put the dangerous things to a minimum, she kept me hooked to the book and the series at all.

You see, in this book we really don't know anyone. Not even one person from other series. We have a tabula rusa that we must fill it while reading the book. The romantic story begins with our main female character named Nina. She comes from England in search for space after telling him fiancé that she needs space to think. Basically she stopped loving him and she is thinking if marrying him is the best option. So she buys a ticket and a stay in a Colorado Mountain, what she doesn't expect is that the house is already full with its owner, Max. Nina becomes ill (a flu or something) and Max let her stay in the house. As you can imagine, things escalated quickly and they actually become a couple. But trouble comes to touch their door and I'm meaning exes, bitch sisters and even a murder.

As I said, the book keeps you interested enough to keep reading, but it doesn't call you to read it again or anything. I like the characters, but what I totally loved was Max "the mountain man", because there is nothing better than having a bossy mountain man in your bed.


Now, this was totally better! The beginning of the series wasn't exactly the best, but this sequel was actually the best. Our characters are Lauren and Tate, this couple is actually the bomb.

After an horrible marriage, Lauren runs from her life searching for something good to hold. Then she arrives to Carnal and finds herself working in a biker bar called Bubba's. She doesn't have exactly the look to work in a biker bar, but neither her or Krystal (the one who hires her) have an option to decline this opportunity. But when the co-owner, Tate, sees her working, he isn't that kind to her. So things actually start with the wrong foot. You see, when things start to get good between these two, a homicide occurs. Tate (apart of being an owner of a bar) is a bounty hunter, so the case became one of his. But that is not the only problem, Lauren's ex is being a pain in her ass and Tate's ex too, but worse because he got kids and they are suffering. So, Laurie and Tate need to clean all this shit up before their happy ending comes, right?

The book was the bomb! For real. I really like it, even though we don't have any characters from the past book (which was something weird), we have these obviously hawt mountain men that are worth drooling over the book. But do not fear the characters of this book and last book get together in the next couple of books. Which totally rocks!


AND the series takes another turn. This book begins with characters that we haven't met and they aren't even on Colorado, but in California. But fear not, they are going to be in Colorado and things will get interested.

Our female main character is Lexie and her mountain man in Ty. Cool names, right? Lexie do not have a good past, between not having parents, a dead boyfriend and still tied with a drug dealer... all that combine, she finds herself in front of the state jail to pick up Ty. She doesn't know, neither he knows her and somehow his plan involve her to become his wife. WHAT?! Same reaction had her. Let's say that the book is that awesome. He is looking for revenge against Carnal Police Department (which are dirty enough to put him in jail without omitting any kind of felony and much less a murder) and basically she is his alibi. But things really get interesting, when these two became an actual couple and not a fake one. Really, even when everything is tough and shit, they came up lucky (to be alive and happy).

If the last book was the bomb, this was def the shit! I kid you not. The best part that the hero of this book (apart from the Ty) is the main character in the next book. And we actually get to know the girl too. You see, the series keeps rocking!


So is Chace and Faye turn! The police hero and the quiet (but sexy) librarian are here. Even though the story is very romantic and cheesy, still a good one.

I really think this book the one I was most related to. I mean, I relate a lot with Faye. She was socially awkward, but once she knows you, she is very dynamic. She's virgin. She loves unconditionally. She wants to help everyone and forgetting herself. Her best friends are from internet. She feels so much and don't let out too much. BUT Chace is not that far behind. He is kind of a reclusive after the murder of his wife. He works and keeps his life just surviving but not living. He has always been intrigued with Faye and when both of them collide one night. Everything begins to escalate and the case of the murder of Chace's wife entwines with Faye. But what Faye must do is breathe, but I don't think she can from where she is. BWHAHA!

I'm telling you. This story was very sweet, but very mysterious and guess what?! We get a cameo from characters of Rock Chick series, can you guess who? I laughed so much at that part!


An old flame rekindled . . . You know with that line at the beginning that this is an second chance story. And its not that I love them, but these types of books have so many problems in it and makes my heart clench for the characters.

When love's touch your door... does it really goes away? This book shows us that it doesn't really happened. Zara tried to make his life without Ham because he wasn't a settling type. But it didn't work out and years later that Zara needs someone to be there for her after a disastrous marriage... who's there? Ham. He comes out of nowhere to give her anything she wants. He never stop loving her (neither she), but he thought it was his time. Now, he is a changed man and has to prove himself worthy for Zara. Will they give each other a second chance? Would it be worthy?

As I said, I always have problems with second chances books. They are very good explained and all, but it makes me want to weep. The characters suffer so much, but the perfect thing is that at the end EVERYTHING IS FUCKING HAPPY. Ending in second chances books are #Goals and this book was not exception. About this book, I was looking for something more, but I really enjoyed it.


Do you know what is a Kaleidoscope? Is one of those square hollow things that when you look inside of them has a lot of colors/forms and when you spin them, all the shapes move and the colors make a puking mess. Check this! Is that pretty. Well, this story is def that pretty and complicated.

If the last book was about a second chance, this one is about long lost friends becoming lovers. The thing here is that Emme is not quite into it first, because fucked up things you'll read in the book. Deck is in full-on into it and stubborn to make her view his ways of seeing the world around them. Those two are so cute together and so sweet that I was in a sugar rush most of the time. Both of them are stubborn, but they compromise with each other, or most of the time her because he is a man haha.

I enjoyed the book, but that was it. I don't know if it was a good idea of 'marathoning' the whole series was a good idea, because I started to see patterns. I don't like to actually read repeated things so that's why the low rates at the end of the series. Then again, forget about little old me and read the series.

Overall, the series IS good. My problem was to read it all at once. As you may notice, my favorites were Sweet Dreams and Lady Luck. I loved the other ones too, but ya know. Anyways, I'm really excited for the next installments. The next one is BOUNTY, which comes out in April 18th, and its about one of my favorite characters, so I'll see how KA does his story.

Talk to you more about the Colorado Mountain men later!

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