Monday, March 7, 2016

[R] 1981: Jessie's Girl, by: Lindy Zart

1981: Jessie's Girl
(Love in the 80s: A New Adult Mix #2)
by: Lindy Zart


The road trip from Minnesota to Pennsylvania and back is meant to be the final adventure before four friends go their separate ways in the fall.

Except nothing goes as intended, beginning with the unexpected addition of Catherine Tate, Jessie Keller’s new girlfriend. Sam Kent denies his attraction to her while simultaneously deflecting unusual interest from his pal Hannah Lopez. Dickie Dean is the socially inept book lover who surprises them all.

Amidst a malfunctioning vehicle, being caught in the middle of a robbery, beer drinking, mosquito attacks, and other teenage drama, the five experience courage, broken hearts, fear, and laughter. Most importantly, they make memories.

my thoughts

Ohhhhh, guys! I thought this story wasn't going to top the last one, but, man, was I wrong. I really think every story will get better and better. I'm loving everything about the 80s. Life was so simple back then.

This time around, we are 1981. When the biggest hit was Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield and of course, in this story there would be a character call Jessie. Let me tell you, I never ever expect how everything turn out. Jessie Keller is the biggest jerk you can read about, but he is a jerk because of things or more like someone. Sam Kent is the biggest sweet boy ever, but he is very in the middle. Hannah Lopez is the girl that no girl likes, but all the boys want to hang out with. Catherine Tate is the most plastic and dumb girl in the planet. Dickie Dean is the bookworm, but oh surprise surprise... Everyone in this story changes completly!

Like always, I wanted more of this story. It just ended so quickly! This is basically a coming-to-age story of these friends who planned a road-trip before they went to separate ways after the summer. Truths are being kept, mysteries are going up the surface and friendships are put in the danger zone. The whole story keeps you wanting for more and more. I really enjoy it and love every single second of it.

I can't wait for the other stories. The 80s rock!

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