Tuesday, March 29, 2016

[R] 1982: Maneater, by: Cambria Hebert

1982: Maneater
(Love in the 80's: A New Adult Remix #3)
by: Cambria Hebert


Watch out, girls. Here she comes.

There's always that girl. She's popular, beautiful, and has everything together. The one with the perfectly teased hair, arms full of colorful (but coordinated) bangles, and expertly painted bright-pink lips.

A teacher's pet. Daddy's girl. Everyone loves her. Because everyone is afraid to challenge her.

Kelly Ross is that girl. She uses her powers of popularity for good... her own good. She doesn't care who she hurts. She always gets what she wants. Including your man. When she walks down the hallway in her hot-pink heels and ruffled denim miniskirt, all the boys' heads turn. And all the girls start whispering.


There hasn't been a single guy Kelly hasn't been able to chew up and spit out. Until now. Kelly has finally met her match. He's been there all along, and he's the exact opposite of everything you'd expect.

Ahhh, Cambria Hebert can write anything and I will still read. By the way, just found an old series of her, so I might read them, because she is seriously one of my top authors, most read authors and auto buy authors.
"Reading is boring."
"Maybe you just haven't found something you like to read."
I'm kind of bummed, because the story end when I was most liking it. I wanted more... yeah, yeah, I always do. It doesn't mean that I didn't like the end, because it was totally sweet and how the doctor prescribed it to me. The whole story was exactly I was expecting and didn't let me down. I love it.
I felt like the moon he spoke of, circling the earth. I was the moon and he was the earth; I rotated around his voice until I was completely pulled in.
If you haven't heard the song... I recommend it! The story is about that girl. The Man-Eater. "Watch out boy! She'll chew you up. She's a maneater."  Our girl in the story is Kelly Ross. Everyone calls her a maneater (except herself, because she doesn't know). She just eat men up and spit them out when she is bored of them. But every turkey has a thanksgiving, right? Well, Kelly found her match. The science geek, Eric. As the story keeps going, you notice that those two aren't really what everyone thinks they are.
Man-eater side = the girl who takes what she wants without consequence. The girl who isn't afraid of anything.But Kelly was afraid of the dark.Maybe she wasn't such a man-eater after all...
Really, these two are NOT what you really think at first glance. Kelly IS a man-eater, but she really wasn't thinking about being one. If you really believe it. And Eric IS the science geek, but he isn't ugly, nor defenseless or... really, nothing like a geek. Basically, these two were made for each other. I love how Cambria make her characters. So good, so perfect. That's why I wanted more!
Eric kissed like owned my lips. Like he had every right to kiss me and stoke his tongue right over mine.
Plus, I love the whole idea of making stories from songs. Is something beyond wonderful. I'll be here waiting for the next books to come. You should read them!

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