Tuesday, January 5, 2016

[Series Review] Hashtag, by: Cambria Hebert

Hashtag Series
by: Cambria Hebert

Reviews of previews three books can be found elsewhere. Book 1, #Nerd, Book 2, #Hater, and Book 3, #Player.

This series review will include the last three books only, #Selfie, #Poser, #Heart and #Holiday.

Thoughs Overall

Maybe you are wondering why the first three are different from these other three? Easy. The first three books goes around the story of Rimmel and Romeo, but these other three are about Ivy and Braeden. Yes, all of them appeared in all books, but you get the idea. The only difference is that the last book has all of them povs, but of course it spins more around B&I.
#Selfie begins where a little bit in between of #Player and then after it. We all have seen how B&I were going to be a couple, but it was really hard for them to really be one. Both of them... well, they didn't like each other very well at the beginning. But, of course, everything changes after a while.
Then, in #Poser we get an actual couple between B&I. They are really cute together, but issues come up and past demons come to hunt them. Did I meant Zach? Yes, I did. We see an overprotective Braeden and a weak Ivy ( but that is why she has Braeden for, right?). And in #Heart, everything is almost peaches and cream, until more consequences piled up. Braeden nightmares, Ivy's clumsiness and other things like... more Zach problems. Oh, but what a happy ending. The family became bigger! And we see some insight of what the new series will be about *wink,wink* Drew and Trent *wink,wink*. I didn't said anything at all. Then, our conclusion and best chistmas epilogue is #Holiday. It was so sweet that it gave me a sugar rush.

I have to recognized that at the beginning I was really not interested much in the series, because it was totally a cliché. But after a while, it was totally a not so cliché and I got hooked real fast. I love the writting, the plot twists, the characters... THE LOVE. So much love that is making my heart feel. I want a family like them and a love like that. And I will NOT choose between Romeo or Braeden because BOTH are the best.

I will miss some of their moments, but I know I will not miss them much, because I will see more of them from afar and that is totally ok for me. From a long time ago, I have seen these two people (Drew and Trent) having something not friendly between them, its more romantic. I want to read their thoughts ASAP, but I have to wait for them to be written and release, which is a bust. But, hey! I'm getting more hashtags, love, family and def. more laughs. I will miss the #BuzzBoss if she doesn't appear in the next series. Even though, she is a bitch, she made me laugh like a loon.

Recommend this book ALL the way! #LoveItToPieces

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