Tuesday, January 5, 2016

[Dual Review] Rapture + Surrender, by: Quinn Loftis

(Elfin #2 & #3)
by: Quinn Loftis
*You can find a brief review on Elfin, the first book in the series, here.*
If you know me, you know one of my favorites authors is Quinn Loftis. That I have bought almost every single book on Kindle, read it and love it. Grey Wolves series apart, this series (Elfin) is totally great series, but I think it left things without solving. Anyways, I enjoyed it and love it very much.
Now, let's talk about more in detail. I read Rapture almost a year ago and don't remember much details about the book, but I can tell a few things. I don't know why I had this issue about reviewing books after finishing, because it is very much easier when my mind is fresh. I remember I was kind of pissed because Cassie end in book one with a sort of addiction of rapture and I thought in this book there was going to be more of that. But everything turned out good, but not at all for other characters. War was on their doors, and between light and dark, who always wins even though has the more chaces of losing? That's right, the light side. I remember laughing my ass off with Elora, which now is a Chosen of a light elf warrior. She, being half-dark elf and all, is super hilarious. Even Cush made me laugh. At the end of this book, the rightful king is on its right place and with the best company as his wife, but the dark isn't finished yet. They went to the human world.
Third book, Surrender, background. It starts with all of them sort of happy, but bittersweet because Cassie's parents were kiddnapped by some crazy elf that thinks Cassie is his long lost Chosen. The dinamic group divides in two, because things aren't exactly pitch perfect. They have the problem of the rapture being distributed and that Lorsan still alive somewhere in Las Vegas and then you have the other crazy elf doing voodoo things agains Cassie, but turns out it bounced on Elora. Cush was furious! But I knew no one was going to die. Quinn never lets me down!

Things, that for me, were not solved in none of the books. The first is obvious. Because Lisa, Elora's mother, has something going on with R (not spoiling it). But the author saids she is gonna make a novella about them, so waiting to read it. My second problem is Oakley. He is a half-elf and I want to read that he finds a Chosen too. He is so damn funny! Can I have him? My last problem would be that I want a really happy epilogue. I want babies!

Ok, that's it. I'm done rambling like a lunatic. I have always recommend Quinn's books because they are light, addicting and action packed. Go ahead and read them.

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