Thursday, January 7, 2016

[R] Jewel of Darkness, by: Quinn Loftis

Jewel of Darkness
(Gypsy Healers #3)
by: Quinn Loftis


Dalton Black never thought he'd find his true mate. His dark past convinced him that he could never be worthy of one, but the Great Luna did not agree. She saw fit to give him a gypsy healer, the purest of heart among their kind. And now that he's finally found her, she slips through his grasp and into the hands of Volcan, a corrupt high fae driven mad by his own need for power. Now Dalton, with help from his own powerful friends, must find Jewel and rescue her before Volcan can use her blood to create witches and once again throw off the balance of good and evil.
As their journey begins, Perizada will once again lead a group of wolves on a hunt to bring down evil, but little do they know that Volcan is just a drop of blood in the sea of supernatural beings about to darken their path.

my thoughts

Let me cry a river forever, okay? This book was NOT what I was expecting. This book was NOT what I was looking for. This book destroyed my dreams, explode my feels and make me feel like nothing at all. I'm so confused of what I'm feeling. That doesn't mean I didn't love it, because believe me that I love every single page, even though it was torture.

Last book left me with so many cliffhangers and this book gave me the same amount of them or even more. I want an ARC for the next one or better yet I want to begin reading it like now. But NOOOO, the author has other things in mind (that I'm okay with them too). I just hate her cliffhangers, okay?

The characters are just how I like them. Hilarious, the women. Possessive, the men. All the couples are sweet, perfect in every way and I ship them all so hard. But I need more than this. I need more than 274 pages. The author needs to come back to her nearly 400 pages books. I just need more! She cannot left me like this. A sobbing mess. Its UNFAIR! I'm not asking for the whole Volcan problem to be resolved, but at least some bloodrites done, mate bonds... something to keep my heart happy. But NOOOOO, she just left me hanging and crying.

No matter I whine, people, you should read this series (please read The Grey Wolves first). Its amazing what these werewolves can do. Is amazing what these creatures can do. Its unbelievable how much good this series can become. That's why it deserves the five stars, people, that's why.

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