Monday, January 18, 2016

My First #UppercaseBox Arrived!

If you don't know what is or how it works or anything or everything at all about this book. You should check their site. They have pictures of past boxes, a FAQ, prices and all. Go check it! This is really worth it.

So, I discovered this book back in December, because someone recommend it to me. I bought it and arrived today! I'm SO excited to show you guys. THIS IS LIKE A SECOND CHRISTMAS!

I LOVE the socks! They say 'sup, nerd? *squeee*
The letter basically says what the package came with and a little handwritten note saying that its an excellent pick because is fantasy and bla bla bla. I like it.
The book came signed AND they send me a little coloring book too!
and at last, a poster of a map!

I AM SO HAPPY. I got no regrets buying this box.
You should buy it too, you know?

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