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[R] Bad Things, by: RK Lilley

Bad Things
(Tristan & Danika #1)
by: RK Lilley


Danika hasn’t had an easy life. Being insanely attracted to bad boys has never helped make it easier.

One look at Tristan, and every brain cell she possessed went up in smoke. This man was trouble with a capital T. It was a given.
She knew better. Bad boys were bad. Especially for her. Considering her history, it was crazy to think otherwise. So why did crazy have to feel so damn fine?

For as long as she could remember, Danika had been focused on the future with single-minded purpose. Tristan came along and taught her everything there was to know about letting go, and living in the present. She fell, hard and deep. Of course, that only made her impact with the ground that much more devastating.

my thoughts

Let me cry forever, okay? Let me write this review while I cry, okay? If this review bring you sadness is because I'm currently crying, okay? This book hit me hard hard. Like a ton of bricks or a cold shower when its snowing outside. I knew it was going to wreck me, but did not knew how much.
“I wanted to belong to someone, and for someone to belong to me.”
First of all, I have to admit that the book started like I want my stories to start. Sucky, but sort of happy. You know, like the main characters lifes aren't good enough until they found each other and everything becomes better (or worse). The moment these two met it was a climax and after that there is only one way to go, right? But without much hope left, I continued. Tristan and Danika have so many things in common. I think that is why they were so good friends. But the sexual tension was too much for them. They needed to fuck their brains out (which happens after half of the book is already out of the way). Everything was peaches and cream until feelings enter the equation. Don't they always screw up things?
“There was something so comforting in the certainty that someone knew about your biggest flaws and was still willing to stick around.”
The bomb dropped and no one survived. Everything went downhill. Tristan... He is not a screwed up person, but he does not have a perfect past. His MO was to sleep with whoever was up to the challenge. His life was partying hard, drinking away his past sorrows and fucking around to forget something that has not even happened (that's my way of thinking of him, though). Danika... Now, she IS screwed up. From when she was little. She doesn't have a good past. No relations with her mom or sister. Horrible exes. Problems with sex (but not with Tristan, doesn't that make you curious?). Tristan + Danika... equals the bomb I told you about. Everything about them literally explode. The sex is a bomb. Their feelings a little bombs that explode every time they come out of their mouths. Everything literally explodes. But Tristan without Danika will NOT be Tristan anymore and Danika without Tristan will NOT be Danika anymore. Without each other, they just are. They become shells.
“He smiled his best smile, the one that ruined me for every other smile in the world.”
You see, from the beginning I knew what was going to happen, but I did not knew the how. Knowing the beginning is what most people need, so they could understand the next part. But I feel so bad for knowing all this! Why no one told me not to read Up in the Air series? Why no one told me that spoiling myself was going to be this sad? Why no one spared me the feeling of wanting to cry until I can't no more? I knew everything was going to become ugly, and me, stupid enough, hoped for sunshine when I was below a storm. You know what is worse? The next book will be more of this! And I don't know if I can handle that.
“I had the crucial and inescapable realization that I wanted him. Not just in bed. Not just as a friend, but all of him. Every piece of the puzzle. I'd never wanted anything so badly in my life.”
PLEASE, friends! I recommend you to read this book FIRST. Do not read Up in the Air series. Not yet, anyways. I will let you know more, if when I read Rock Bottom. So, that's it.

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