Friday, January 8, 2016

[Double Review] Leveled + Built, by: Jay Crownover

(Saints of Denver #0.5 & #1)
by: Jay Crownover

*You can find here a series review of the books that comes before this series.*

Oh, damn. I'm addicted. I thought that I liked how Jay wrote, but I now know that I'm in love. I devoured these two books in a blink of an eye. Leveled was kind of short, but Built it was not. I hate that I don't have Charged with me now. I WANT IT. I NEED IT.


Back to the stories. Leveled was a book I was not expecting in the least. I was patiently (not) waiting for Built to come out and then I notice this little book calling to my attention. When I noticed it was from this series, I read it the same day. I did NOT wait.

I knew about Royal's partner being gay. I knew about Remy's lost boyfriend. But I never thought of them coming together and being an actual couple. But it worked and turned out better than expected. Dominic and Orlando  were seriously made for each other. Even though the story was kind of short, it was totally perfect. Orlando trying to be professional and Dominic trying to care, but continuining his job. What a pair! They wanted to be together, but then they couldn't. And after all that, everything came to place and together they were. I seriously love every single minute of it.


Now, Built was something I expected from when I read the book of Rowdy (with the same name). I knew from the start that Zeb was interested in Sayer. And somehow I knew that Sayer felt the same, but she was too reserved to continue a flirty situation. At the beginning, I thought that the book was going to occurr while Zeb make the remodalation of Sayer's house, but then after the blurb, I knew something else was going to come.

Damn, Sayer was a hard woman. Meaning that I never thought she was going to be so hard to keep on with. Zeb was totally easy going, beutiful, charming and lovable. Sayer was cold, no-comments type, but in the very inside she was all color, lovable and caring. To get there, Zeb made almost anything until he seriously gave him the ultimatum that if she doesn't chose him, he was not going to keep going. It nearly killed them both, but the end was perfect.

Seriously, after having glimpses of the couple for the next book... I need it ASAP. But I guess that I'm really happy for now, becuase I read Built and it was perfect. I just need more! Can May come faster?

Haven't I tell you? You need to read this book, but first, read Marked Men and then come to this series. You will not regret it. Tattered boys! I couldn't ask something better.

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