Friday, January 22, 2016

#COYER Challenge January Progess!

I challenged myself to read at least 25 books between December to March and I think I might make it, which makes me happy. I don't know if that will change now that classes have started. But I will try to read as much as I can without leaving out my school work. Below, you will find a list of books I have read these past weeks and the reviews I made for them. All these books were read on my iPad via iBooks or the Kindle app. Now, the list:
  1. Slasher Girls & Monster Boys, by April Genevieve Tucholke
  2. Adulting, by Kelly Williams Brown
  3. Surrender, by Quinn Loftis
  4. Jewel of Darkness, by Quinn Loftis
  5. Built, by Jay Crownover
  6. Sweet Nothing, by Jamie McGuire & Teresa Mummert
  7. Kiss of Broken Glass, by Madeleine Kuderick
  8. In Flight, by RK Lilley
  9. Mile High, by RK Lilley
  10. Grounded, by RK Lilley
  11. Lana, by RK Lilley
  12. Endure, by Sara B. Larson
  13. Happenstace, by Jamie McGuire
  14. Bad Things, by RK Lilley
  15. Pushing the Limits + Crossing the Line, by Katie McGarry
  16. Liars, Inc., by Paula Stokes
Other awesome features of the challenge can be found on the hoster blog here and other reviews from people participating in this challenge as well. I'm really happy to have found this challenge. It goes really well with what I needed. Are you doing this challenge? How are you so far?

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