Sunday, January 24, 2016

[Series Review] Under the Never Sky, by: Veronica Rossi

by: Veronica Rossi

Overall: ★★★★½

First, I read these books back in April, so I'm very sorry if I confuse things from the three books. I'm sorry if I spoiled something, but to be safe, don't read this if you haven't read the books. What I can do tell you, without spoilers, is that I enjoyed them and even though they were a little bit dragging on, it was a good read.

Now, Under the Never Sky series is certainly a dystopian series. In where the planet you see now suffer some kind of I don't know don't remember and it wasn't good enough for humans. In this future, people can do whatever they want. I mean, Aria travels to wherever she wants with the thingy in her eye. After a messed up situation, she gets exciled to the outside. She thought she was going to die! But she is rescued by... Perry.

And the love begins right there. The people from the outside live like people would live in the dinosaurs times. But they have kind of powers thanks to the mutations. Some have a very good hearing, like Perry and others have a really cute voice, like Aria. Yes, Aria's father is from the Outside and her mother is from the Inside. How cliché is that? Anyway, the whole point to Aria is to go back inside, but once inside she discovers her people may die because were they live is not safe anymore. Perry's people aren't safe anymore were they live, either. So both kind of people are in search of the Still Blue. Where, apparently, everything is perfect.

Talking about characters. Aria and Perry weren't my favorites. They were too stubborn! And I hate so much that they didn't say their feelings as fast as I would like to. But I loved their work together, when they were a team, they were invinsible. I hated every time they would get separated. I loved Roar, and Liv for that matter. And other characters that made the story a little bit more bearing.

I can't lie. I story has its feelings too. People I didn't want to die, did. And others I wanted to kill, didn't die. I was super pissed at some plot twists. Is there too much to ask for something really happy? I think that the end of this trilogy was super bittersweet. I wanted a REALLY happy epilogue. But oh well. If wishes were fishes....

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