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[R] The Lover's Dictionary, by David Levithan

The Lover's Dicionary
by: David Levithan

4.5 of 5 stars

A modern love story told through a series of dictionary-style entries is a sequence of intimate windows into the large and small events that shape the course of a romantic relationship.

my thoughts

I have confussed feelings about this book. I knew it was going to be a hard read to understand, but you could say that I did undestood. I never thought that a few pages could make me yearn to have moments like these. The narrator [him] give these perfect and lovely moments that I wish to have, but as it always goes, relationships aren't perfect so we do see some down scenes here. No matter how mad I was with her, he always made me think that she was more than what she do. Not spoiler anything, but I kind of need to say this so you understand me.
"It was a mistake,' you said. But the cruel thing was, it felt like the mistake was mine, for trusting you."
The story is this one: He is telling us about the history of his relationship with a girl. After dates, months and years of relationship, she cheats on him, making him break anything that was inside of him. The book is not in cronological order and sometimes you don't know where it goes which part. But with every definition [for him] of the words he give us hope. That no matter how she broke him, he will pick up the pieces and join them together just for her. That no matter how bad its what she do, that he truly believes that at the core she is good. Guys like him should exist in real life, don't you think? I don't know if she really deserves him, but after all the doubts he have at the beginning of their relationship and how she put them away... I know she was good for him, so why can't she still be?
"What a strange phrase - not seeing other people. As if it's been constructed to be a lie. We see other people all the time. The question is what we do about it."
I loved the story. I didn't like that I didn't exactly know the end, but I loved how the author told us the story. I loved all the little things that make you think really deep. I loved the book.
Let me show you some of my favorites definitions:
concurrence, n. We eventually discovered that we had both marched in the same Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Your first time in New York, feeling like you were marching through canyons, the skyscrapers leaning over to peek down at you and your trombone. Me, farther back, crashing the cymbals together, preparing my smile for the minute we'd be on TV. What if Katie Couric had turned to me and said, "The love of your life is here in this crowd"? Would I have believed her? Would it have even been possible, if we'd met then?
deciduous, adj. I couldn't believe one person could own so many shoes, and still buy new ones every year.
fluke, n. The date before the one with you had gone so badly - egotist, smoker, bad breath - that I'd vowed to delete my profile the next morning. Except when I went to do it, I realized I only had eight days left in the billing cycle. So I gave it eight days. You emailed me in the sixth.
fraught, adj. Does every "I love you" deserve an "I love you too"? Does every kiss deserve a kiss back? Does every night deserve to be spent on a lover? If the answer to any of these is "No", what do we do?
indelible, adj. That first night, you took your finger and pointed to the top of my head, then traced a line between my eyes, down my nose, over my lips, my chin, my neck, to the center of my chest. It was so surprising, I knew I would never mimmic it. That one gesture would be yours forever.
misgivings, n. Last night, I got up the courage to ask you if you regretted us. "There are things I miss," you said. "But if I didn't have you, I'd miss more."
You see, the book is worth reading it and by doing it you may will clarify some definitions. Give it a try!


  1. This book sounds so interesting. Great review!

    1. It is! Thanks for stopping by and reading this review!


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