Saturday, January 24, 2015

[R] Love Is a Many Trousered Thing, by: Louise Rennison

Love Is a Many Trousered Thing
(Confessions of Georgia Nicolson #8)
by: Louise Rennison


The nub and gist is that I have accidentally acquired two Luuurve Gods.

Oh my giddy god! Georgia has somehow landed back in the cakeshop of agony now that Robbie the Sex God has returned and she has three potential snoggees. What's a proper girl to do? Hide, of course, and hope that she will be able to choose one before she ends up all aloney on her owney.

my thoughts
The film turns out to be about bees. It is a film about a bee center. How crap is this going to be?

An hour later
That was the best thing I have seen for ages. We made Miss Wilson rewind the bit where the two queens were having a bitch fight.”
BOOK EIGHT is down! Georgia Nicolson, more like her creator, is hilarious. Her stories are even funnier. The crazy things that come out of her mouth are a poster quote worthy. Seriously, guys, aren't you tired of me telling how hilarious these books are? No, well let me keep telling you the same thing over and over.
“This is the first day of the rest of my life. So why is my hair sticking up like a cockerel?”
Georgia's character has grow up a bit! Please give her a hand, because thats a really a judge step. I have been rambling on about how her character is immature, stupid, but hilarious; BUT she keeps getting wiser each book. Not wiser wiser, but more looking like a "normal" teenager, soon to be adult. This book began she escaping from he reality, but when she has to face it again, she makes the best decision, not my opinion.
“It’s hard to tell the truth sometimes, especially if you don’t want to hurt someone. And you did. You said what you feel. And you must do what is right for you, not what other people say is right.”
Robbie did land, but so did Masimo and don't forget always here Dave the Laugh. Georgia has a tough life, that's for sure. Three boys after her and she thinking who to choose, but always leaving Dave out of the question because he is her mate, as he said. So, the decision is between Robbie and Masimo, who will be the lucky one? Apart from all that problem, there isn't much of the book, but I really laugh A LOT with everything. Please, mates read this book!
“I always want to tell him everything. But instead I said, “What’s your advice, Hornmeister?”
And he started doing pretend beard stroking and said, “Well, luuurve is a many trousered thing. . . .”

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