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[R] Are These My Basoomas I See Before Me?, by: Louise Rennison

Are These My Basoomas I See Before Me?
(Confessions of Georgia Nicolson #10)
by: Louise Rennison


For Georgia, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Just when she thought she was the official one-and-only girlfriend of Masimo, he's walked off into the night with the full hump, leaving Georgia all aloney on her owney-again. All because Dave the Laugh tried to do fisticuffs at dawn with him! Two boys fighting over Georgia? It's almost as romantic as Romeo and Juliet . . . though perhaps a touch less tragic. It's time for Georgia to get to the bottom (oo-er) of this Dave the Laugh spontaneous puckering business once and for all. It's like they always say: If you snog a mate in the forest of red bottomosity and no one is around to see it, is he still a mate? Or is he something more?

my thoughts

“He says we should take it easy and that maybe he overreacted a bit."
Dave said, "A bit? That's like Hitler saying, 'Oooh, I just meant to go for a little walk, but then I accidentally invaded Poland.”
After the STOP IN THE NAME OF PANTS! fiasco, Georgia has, once again, two blokes going after her bones. But she still chooses Masimo [just in the beginning] and leaves Dave having a Laugh with Emma. And I felt bad for Dave, but he still doesn't come straight with Georgia, so its kind of his fault.
“Everyone is so bloody keen on me thinking all of a sudden. It's not what I do.”
I don't exactly know much what to say, because finishing the series left me a bit fuzzy. I wanted more, I did not wanted to end like this. It is a happy ending, but it do not has a conclusion. I laugh at the right and wrong parts of this book and I would rate it with 5 stars, but the end [me no likey]...
“I said, 'How did you manage to get hand-picked?'
And he had said, 'Kittykat, as you know, I am the vati. The vati is always handpicked, and the vati's mates are handpicked, also.'
I said, 'Yes, yes, but who does the hand-picking?'
And he said, 'Hello.”
I always knew Dave the Laugh was the one for Georgia and certainly, everything points at him from book three to the end. About other characters, well the always hated Wet Lindsay gets all Devil in the last book and in this one too, its freaky. Melissa [Big Girl] has a very very important part in this book acting, Rom and Jul cannot be done without her, because she was Rom. The funniest thing was when acting, two buttoms from her shirt puff out and when she looked down to see the mess Dave yelled "Are These My Basoomas I See Before Me?". I nearly fell off my chair laughing. The whole Rom and Jul fiasco was vair vair amusant.
“P.P.S. I am giving you telepathic hugs.
P.P.P.S. But not in a telepathically lezzie way.”
AND its DONE! Le cry, le cry... I want more, but Dear Lord Sandra will not fulfill my wishes. Fellas, if you want a GREAT laugh, these are your kind of books.

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