Friday, January 9, 2015

Bout of Books 12 [Day 5]

The Bout of Books Read-A-Thon is progressing and I think I'm doing a great job. I participate in the last challenges [Day 1 - Day 2 - Day 3 - Day 4] and here will be posted the one for today.
Currently Reading:
  • Kiss Kill Vanish, by Jessica Martinez [page 35]
  • The 5th Wave, by Rick Yancey [457 pages - review]
  • Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging, by Louise Rennison [237 pages - review]
  • Zodiac, by Romina Russell [336 pages - review]
  • On the Bright Side, I'm Now the Girlfriend of a Sex God, by Louise Rennison [243 pages - review]
  • 1273 + 35 pages read.
  • 4 books totally finished and reviewed.
Describe your Book in Pictures!

Think about a book you finished or are currently reading. Create a series of images that describe what is going on in the book and post them somewhere, tumblr, your blog, twitter, instagram, etc. Use #boutofbooks so everyone can see!

by: Romina Russell

Let me explain a little what all this is, shall I? For those you haven't read Zodiac, you should read my review non-spoilery that I linked above and for those who have read it or know things about the book, well, its kind self-explanatory.

In my collage I put some pictures of stars, the galaxy and plantes, because duh the book is in outer space, which you will find a lot of those things. The pictures with all the zodiac symbols is also easy, because the book spins around all the zodiac houses, so these are the symbols. The necklace is from the main character (Rho), which is a Cancer, and at some point of the story he has a similar necklace. Also the drums represent her because before hell broke loose she was a drummer. The picture in between (which I know is a Guardians of the Galaxy character) represents the bad guy in this story, just because I imagine him like that. Also the snake double headed represents him, you will know if you read the book. And last is the picture of the astronaut, because if you are in space as a human, you must need air which there isn't, so put your astronaut suit on, people.

That's it! I want to see pictures, link link link yours.

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