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Book Issues [4] - Book-To-Movie Adaptations

Its been a long while since I post these Book Issues, not because I didn't have anything to talk, but because I didn't have too many time. I have a little the time now, so why not use it well.. As you may know, I created this to basically ramble about any problem related to books that I have and that maybe you do too. Hope you like reading the following issue...
Book Issue #4 - Book-To-Movie Adaptations

I'm pretty sure that all of you have read some posts of people rambling about this topic, and I thought that maybe I could write my thoughts in a post too. We have the simple questions like: what is your full opinion in this topic?

This is not exactly a book problem or by all means a problem, but I do find it upsetting when it doens't come up like I would love. Now a days the Book-to-Movie adaptions, or to a TV series, is a boom that exploded after maybe Harry Potter. If you actually go back in time, you can see that so many movies are from books and you don't even know it. Plus, we have the classic ones as Romeo & Juliet or Hamlet. BUT in our present time, movies that are been releasing [like 3 of 4] are from books. I do NOT have an issue with this happening, because I do like to see what I read.

The problem is when if its good or terrible bad adaptation. I don't exactly when everything went from "oh, let's make the movie of this book almost exactly, but lets cut some kinds that we cannot afford" to "let's make the movie of this book, but we will cut everything, except the characters names and the title". This is causing the readers comunity to think it twice before actually seeing the movie. I still haven't watch a lot of movies from books that I have read and I don't know if I will. After [in my opinion] the desaster of Beautiful Creatures and City of Bones, I'm taking precations. I understand that not all of the characters can appear. I understand that all the scenes can be showed. I understand changing a little bit the order to make sense in a movie. I understand a lot of things, but what I cannot condone is when you change the WHOLE story.

I do need to point out that some movies are even better than its book. Totally a shock, but its true, at least for me. When I saw Warm Bodies, I love it a lot, so I read the book. Unfortunatly, I didn't like the book so much as the movie. Another recently example is Mockinjay. After they split the book in two movies [which I hate], the Part One blow me away. The first half of the book is actually very boring, so when the movie made it a lot better and when they included the scene when they are rescuing Peeta, I love it.

Another tendency is dividing the last book of a series in two parts. I really really hate that because, yes, the last books tend to be longer, but doens't mean you have to split it. I know that it sort of work with Mockingjay, but I didn't like it with Breaking Dawn and I know I will not love it with Allegiant.

So, I have been talking about movies, what about TV series? They are totally cool for me, but I haven't watch any series adaptations from books, except from Delirium. Scratch all that, I'm lying. I did watch season 1 of The 100, but haven't read the book. I did watch Delirium, but it was just the Pilot because they did not made more. I did watch some seasons of The Vampire Diaries, but I haven't and will not read the books. I haven;t watch Pretty Little Liars and haven't read the books neither, so thank God. Many series more that I haven't seen nor read. I'm not against them, but they are kind weird because they mixed everything that happens in the books and put them in seasons. Its not like the first season goes with the first book, so its totally weird.

In conclusion, I'm not against these adaptations, but I have my eye on them. If the trailer is good enough to see, I may watch the movie or if I see they messed up in the trailer, I may ignore it until it comes out on Netflix [which will be amost a year later]. Right now, I'm onto The Duff, Insurgent, The Scorch Trials, Mockingjay; Part 2, Fifty Shades of Grey & The 5th Wave, let's see how they do it.

What you think?


  1. I'm looking forward to reading The Duff and seeing the movie. A lot of bloggers I follow love that book and the movie looks pretty funny. I'm definitely looking forward to The Scorch Trials. I LOVE that series! I'm wary of book to movie adaptations too, but I still love to go see them. :)
    Stefani @ Caught Read Handed

    1. I'm looking forward too, but I'm not getting my expections too up because I know they changed a LOT, at least that's what they are saying. Thanks for stopping by.


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