Thursday, July 18, 2013

Assassin Study - By: Maria V. Snyder

Assassin Study (Study #1.5)
by: Maria V. Snyder

3 of 5 stars

Yelena, the heroine of Maria V. Snyder's stunning debut novel Poison Study, is on her way to her ancestral homeland of Sitia to be reunited with her family and to learn more about her magical powers. An order of execution hangs over her head should she ever return to Ixia. But her true love, Valek, quickly learns that an assassin has taken it upon himself to make sure Yelena doesn't reach her destination.

As Ixia's chief of security, and a highly skilled assassin himself, can Valek track down the killer in time to save Yelena's life?

Can he track down the killer in time to save her? Of course he can! He is very skilled, why on hell can't he track an stupid assassin? The question would be would he kill the assassin before reaching her? That's a very good question and I know the answer. Because I just read the book!By the way, I'm totally positive that Valek is in the cover of the book, so HE IS HOT! I would love to be Yelena and make Yelek babies with him.

Anyway, in this short story we see a different Valek. We see someone with a "soft" heart. He wishes to be with Yelena, but the circunstances doesn't let them. He wishes to have her by his side and you know... And we totally could see the same thing by Yelena's side in the first book. Still, I ship this couple and they WOULD be happy in the end or... I would do something. I dunno what, but something I will make.

Why the three stars? Maybe you will realize after reading the book. There are things inconclusive and things that I would totally want to read in Valek POV, but Ms. Snydey doesn't write too much. *sighs*

Read it if you want to, it was good to read it, but not that good.
xoxo, sam.

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