Wednesday, April 12, 2017

[Review] 1985: Careless Whisper, by: Misty Provencher

Love in the 80s #6


by: Misty Provencher
Release Date: June 24th 2016
Read Date: April 12th, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
Pages: 181

James Stryker, the bad boy of our neighborhood, had a voice that could put babies to sleep. His name still punches me in the gut, along with the lie he tried to hide.
James told me he would protect me forever and I entrusted him with all my deepest, darkest secrets. I was positive that I knew all of his too…until the end of summer, in 1985.
What I found out ruined me. I could only imagine the gossip.
So what did I do? I bailed.
Without another word to James, I left home and planned to never, ever return. I vowed that I’d never have to face James Stryker again.
Fast-forward seven years.
One simple phone call from home changes everything and threatens to silence all the promises I’ve whispered to myself.
Most of all, I can’t shake the gnarly feeling that the most careless whispers are the ones I haven’t even heard yet.


I have to say that whoever made this book was a genius, but I also have to say that I hate her so bad because she did not gave me an actual end. I'm so so mad, but so so grateful to have read this book. That was my feeling as I read the last word, pass the page and noticed that it was  the last word of the story.

I have always liked this series that came out of nowhere, but its been time since I read the last book. The books are not part of each other and are not made by the same author, but I still love it all. I think that I love them because all of them are different and is the best. I mean, its eye opening that all these authors recreate all these years with stories, music and all the memories that my mom used to tell. I'm not an 80s kid, my mom is, but I grew up singing all these song, so is very very good to put them a story to them.

Careless Whisper was not the song I was thinking about when I started reading this book. When the time came for me to put the song, I laughed out loud... No, no, you don't get it, I cried laughing and almost peed. I did not know this song was named like that. That's one of my many problems, I know all these songs but don't know the name, so when I hear them is like OMG.

Going into the story, I love all of it. I loved how everything was well put together and I liked a little the end, but I am so mad that it ended like that. I wanted more love, some insight in the future, something. But, oh, well.

Really, guys, if you are an 80s kid or a son/daughter of one, read these books. I keep saying this until I finish them all. Bye.




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