Saturday, April 29, 2017

[Review] Father, by: Clarissa Wild


by: Clarissa Wild
Release Date: April 22nd, 2017
Read Date: April 29th, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
Pages: 326

From New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Clarissa Wild comes a new off-the-charts novel that will make you feel filthier than ever...

Confess your sin. 

People call me Father, but I prefer Frank because I’m the worst preacher you’ll ever meet.
Days spent completely wasted pull a number on you, especially when you’ve got a truckload of baggage that comes with it.
Until this beautiful girl in the back of the church takes my breath away.
…And we end up committing sacrilege in the confessional.
Did I mention I’m filthy?
Bad doesn’t even begin to describe me, and after one taste of what she’s got to offer, I want more.
Too bad having a dirty mind isn’t the only thing we’ve got in common…
Our past is laced with sin.

Author’s Note: This book is not for everyone. It’s raw. It’s vulgar. It’s downright offensive. But it’s oh so delicious with a capital D. If you are easily offended, please don’t read this book. But if you like a bit of humor mixed in with raunchiness and brawling, you’ll love this book. 
Contains disturbing situations, strong language, and graphic violence.


Well. This book took a turn that I never saw it coming, I swear. If you think this book is the typical story of a priest falling in love, which makes the relationship forbidden, then you are 100% wrong. I'm not telling you much about it, because you have to figure it on your own, but don't start reading this book with sometime in your mind because you'll be wrong. Open up to read the biggest plot twists in just a few pages.

Frank Romero is a preacher in a church, someone who does good things for the people in the neighborhood. But he has a dark past and recently is taunting him so much that his only escape is alcohol. He is mad at God for making him live like he is doing so, and all that reflects in his sermons, but a pretty little lady will make him change. Laura came to blow his demons away, but she comes with other demons too... so, yeah, what people say about demons? Go with the demon you know best? Something like that I think.

The past is a bitch and when you don't see clear your future, well, things get fuzzy. Frank is having a hard time, but he doesn't accept the help until Laura. I have to admit that it was super funny read about a preacher doing all the things he did, but it was equally sad because he only needed a little bit of love. Also, there was a point where the story was so fucked up that I did not really know if the end was going to be happy, so heads up.

Overall, the book was a good read and the warning is true, if you get offended easily, DO NOT READ THE BOOK. But you if don't care, like me, read it and you'll totally enjoy it.


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