Thursday, April 13, 2017

[Review] 1988: Need You Tonight, by: Rachel Higginson

Love in the 80s #9


by: Rachel Higginson
Release Date: September 30th, 2016
Read Date: April 13th, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
Pages: 83

Cassandra Carmichael has had a terrible year. Her parents are getting divorced, destroying whatever façade of family they had left. College is so much harder than she anticipated. Freshman year sucks so far. And on top of that, her roommate is the most obnoxious human on the planet.

But tonight, all of her problems are going to disappear when she sees Jake Turner and his band play live at Graffiti’s Battle of the Bands.

Cass knows three very important facts about Jake and this night:
1. She loves Jake Turner. She’s loved him since she was five years old and he moved in next door.
2. Nobody has ever been cooler than Jake Turner. He’s perfect boyfriend material to complement her brand new rebel without a care reputation.
3. Jake Turner will erase every bad memory of this year and give her the happily ever after she’s secretly always longed for.

If only she could find him. And talk to him.

If only she could get Troy Cameron to leave her alone. Just because they sit by each other in English 101 does not mean they’re friends. Or that she thinks he’s hot. Or that he’s exactly the guy she needs tonight.


I keep loving all these stories and it will very totally sad to see them go. There's only one more and that will be the last. As all others, this one was fenomenal. I loved every single thing of it, even the end. The end was the best part, I almost cried of so happy it made me.

Cass's life has been a blur this year, 1988, everything went down after her mom found her father cheating with the neighbor. But she just needs one night to get all of that out of her system. She always had this crush in this boy, but then she notices this other boy that everything he says goes under her skin. That's Troy. Troy Cameron is the typical jock, but a different jock. He has a soft heart and since he saw Cass for the first, he fell. Cass needs to see him in order to fall back, right? So Troy's job is to make her see him, at least just this one night.

All these stories from Love in the 80s have different things that made them special. I loved this one's end. I would love for all stories to end like this one, but... if wishes were fishes, right? Anyways, I really liked the story, but just like the story before, this one doesn't exactly place me in its year, 1988, other than the music, of course. The characters say things from the song Need You Tonight, but the song is never played in the story, which was a bummer, because the song is the bomb. Apart from that, all was good. 80s kid, read these books.




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