Friday, April 14, 2017

Book Issues [10] - Reviewing is HARD!

I created this to basically ramble about any problem related to books that I have and that maybe you do too. I'm trying to post one every two months and as for now, I'm doing good. Let's see at the end of the year how I did. Hope you like reading the following issue...

Book Issue #10 - Reviewing is HARD!

Who says that writing some paragraphs about your honest opinion was easy? Because let me tell you, friend, you are dead wrong... or maybe not so much.

If you are a person that likes to express what you thought about a book by reviewing then you might understand my problem. You see, I love, love to read and I like to review the after I finish them. So, let me number you my problems:

  1. Before I start blogging or even created a Goodreads account, I started to love reading. So, I read everything I could get my hands. That means Twilight, PJO, The Hunger Games and so on and so forth. The problem was not that, is that now those books don't have good reviews or just don't have a review and reviewing them now is kind of tough. You get me?
  2. My life has passed from really tough spots since I started university because reality caught up to me and made my days hell. My only medicine was reading and by reading, I meant non-stop reading, I finish one and start the other right then. All those books went without me reviewing them, so reviewing them now is kind of tougher than my problem #1. Those were dark days that I don't like to remember, but I do want to review the books. Is hard not to connect the book to a tough time.
  3. There's times that a book is so good, so perfect that I don't know what to say in the review. Sometimes I just want to write one sentence and have at it, but no, I want to deliver something good for anyone who might read me. Believe me, those reviews are hard and sometimes very crappy written.
  4. Other times I have this feeling to keep reading without reviewing and sometimes I follow the feeling. But I only do it when I'm reading a series, so then I can make a series review instead that one by one. Smart, right?
I have come to deal with my problems with reviewing day by day. I know that no one is telling me that I have to review everything I read, but I want to and is something that I do not want to give up at all. I may have problems in life, but reading and reviewing is something that get me out of my dark spots. So even though that I regret some of my reviews because are crappy, I am happy that I did my damn best and review them.

Do you have the same problems?

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