Saturday, April 15, 2017

[Series Review] PresLocke, by: Ella Frank & Brooke Blaine


by: Ella Frank & Brooke Blaine



Well, I couldn't contain myself after I knew this series was all out and ready for me to be read. Is a series from one of my favorites authors, Ella Frank. I have yet to read something from Brooke Blaine, but this book was so good that I might read something of her. Guys, I love romance and after finishing this book I might just stick in to reading only romance. I just want so much more, I cannot stop.

Dylan Prescott is the new pretty boy in town. I know of him from the Sunset Cove series, so I was kind of cool reading about him. From Florida to L.A., Dylan went looking for work... you know, modeling, acting and maybe, just, maybe to bang Ace Locke. Ace is the famous actor from a bunch of movies, but he got caught looking a billboard with Dylan's face too much time. When these two collide to make the same movie, sparks fly and their fates change forever... but for good.

These three books were so so good, that I don't have many words to describe them how good are they. I have to admit that I loved that my favorite characters from the Temptation series and Sunset Cove series were in this series. Also, I have to admit that even though I haven't read the series of Brooke Blaine, her characters were hilarious and I couldn't stop laughing. It was genius and hilarious to have all these characters in one place in the last book. I laughed to hard, I needed this.

Anyone, anyone who needs romance and to laugh harder that you should, NEED to read these books ASAP. There's no other choice. These books are well written, well planned and with an worthy happily ever after. Plus, if you read Temptation series, you will find here some pointers in what will happen in the next books in that series. Now, go, buy these books and read them.









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