Saturday, September 28, 2013

[R] Sweet Possession, by: Maya Banks

Sweet Possession
(Sweet #5)
by: Maya Banks


She’s a singer who lives for the spotlight—and can’t resist her adoring fans… Outrageous and out-of-control, Lyric Jones is a spoiled pop star who lives hard and fast, always outrunning her past and the nightmares that haunt her. She’s used to getting what she wants—groupies included—because she can’t stand to be alone. So in bed, it’s the more the merrier, even if it means closing off the deepest part of herself…

He’s a hands-on bodyguard—and a one-woman man. There is nothing Connor Malone wants to do less than babysit the celebratty songstress while she’s on vacation. But part of him relishes taming Lyric and showing her what it’s like to be possessed—body and soul—by one man. And though Lyric’s crazy antics nearly drive Connor to the edge, his quiet intensity penetrates her defenses, leaving them both vulnerable to the secrets that could topple Lyric from the stage.

It's being a while from where I last read a book of this series. Almost two months. But I guess is my fault. I got this list of TBR this year and these books were not in it. I wanted to read something like this, so the books were in the middle. I read the first four and then I continue my list. Except for now. I was suppose to read Incarnate by: Jodi Meadows, but this book was so tempting and I fell for it.

I read the first chapter and I couldn't stop myself from reading one chapter more and one more, until I finish it. I do not regret reading it, though. I did not expect this book to end so quickly, maybe its me thinking that 310 pages is a short book, but it was short!

The story of our dear Connor, Faith's brother. Our stick-in-the-ass boy. I didn't know he cursed so much, damn! I saw him very sweet, but not like this. Yeah, yeah... he is very vanilla in comparison with the other couples, but that's perfect for him and Lyric. This little diva, Lyric Jones, captured his heart, more like his dick, for the first time they saw each other. You could say the same thing as for Lyric. She got trust issues, and he shows her how to trust him and his family.

I need to tell that this book escalated quickly. Because one day, they are hating each other, the other day they are having sex and the next one they are saying "I love you". Not that I complained, but I guess I expect something more... extense? I got no clue, but I love the book.

If you read the first four books, continue with this one. If you have not read any of them... YOU SHOULD!

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