Monday, September 2, 2013

[R] Fire, by: Terra Harmony

(Akasha #3)
by: Terra Harmony


Elemental magic is a weapon of power, on both sides of the war.

The Seven has another leader, Kaitlyn is a new mother, and everyone is busy building their armies. During one battle, the secret to Akasha is discovered, and the race to master it is on. With all eyes on the prize, what matters most gets left behind. It is up to Kaitlyn to preserve the planet in the wake of the pure destructive power of Akasha, and the humans who wield it.

Holy...! *curses* This book was almost my destruction. Full of feeling that threaten my heart. So many anger here that I'm freaking pissed, like for real. Of the first three books, I must say that this one has the worst ending possible. Yeah, I didn't like the end of the second book, but hell! This end was... to die.

Fire takes where Air left, Katie giving birth. We finally meet our little girl friend Bee. That's how Katie's daughter is called. Also we got two terrible issues with this little girl. First, everyone wants to be her father (aka Micah and Shawn) and second, this girl is a fire user, but later we know that she is a Gaia too. Just like her mom, but why she can only uses fire? We dunno. So, Katie's plan was run away from Micah, Shawn, Alex, Susan... everyone, just to protect her. I understand that, but hey! Micah love her and Bee too, he would do anything to save them both, so why run from him? That's what I hate about this book. We get almost 100 pages without Micah being in contact with Katie or Bee, neither Shawn and I'm glad for that. The problem is that Shawm has bigger plans, other than kidnapped Bee. He wants, basically, to eliminate all the technology of Earth. Woah, there, cowboy! You are thinking too much.

So, yeah, we got a lot of problems her. Internal and external ones. I do hope for them to end in good ways in Earth, which is last book. I didn't found a literal motto, but I made one in base of the book. "Fire can be very useful, but you must be very careful while playing with it." If you ask me that if in this book were a lot of games with fire... I got totally answer with a yes. Not only literally, but metaphorically too. Do I recommend the book? Hells to yeah!

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