Friday, September 6, 2013

Earth - By: Terra Harmony

Earth (Akasha #4)
by: Terra Harmony

3.5 of 5 stars

After an elemental apocalypse, the fate of Earth hangs in the balance.

The hunt for Micah in a world that has gone dim leads Kaitlyn straight to Shawn and One Less. While struggling to survive, she battles a side of her that is as dark as the rest of the planet. In the exciting conclusion to The Akasha Series, our heroine is no longer a part of The Seven or One Less. Now she is on Team Kaitlyn; who will join her?

 my thoughts

WHAT?!?!? No, no, no... This series cannot end like this. F*ck! I much I regret reading this book? A lot. Why? I don't even want to talk about that. But I must confess that book two and three were really good ones. But book one and four, God! My hopes were really high for the last book, but when I read the end, those hopes went to hell.

Yes, the book have his really good parts, but... Hell! One thing ruin the whole story/book/series for me. That end. I don't want to spoil you but it was very disapointing.

Let's talk about other things. Funny things. Kaitlyn alter-ego, Lucy, was hilarious. I laughed a lot with her occurences. I laugh much more when Micah ask like, "Is Lucy gay?" LOL I can't stop laughing at that part. I laugh too at Bee's parts, like the "stupid bashterd" thing. Bee is a funny character, even more by being so little. I love her and cried so much at end because of it (I'm not saying that she died, so no, she didn't). Susan and Alex parts are funny too, because they always flushed when they are being caught in "intimate" actions.

Lovely things. Micah and Kaitlyn relationship thing is lovely. They love each other so much that they gave... oops, don't want to spoiler. Other lovely relationship is Kaitlyn and Bee, being mother and daughter, they really look lovely. Alex and Susan too. Susan, Alec and Bee relationship is lovely AND hilarious. So many love in this book, except in the end.

You know what? I did like the book, but not that much, that's why I gave the 3.5 stars. Do I recommend it? If you want to suffer, laugh, suffer, laugh and suffer... go ahead and read it!

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