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The Pool Theory - By: Alexa Nazzaro

The Pool Theory
by: Alexa Nazzaro

3 of 5 stars
After years of feeling like a loser, fifteen year old Kye Penton finally has it made. With his new friend, Julian, and the cutest girl in English class by his side, it looks like his days of being a social outcast are ancient history. Until Annie Cooper shows up: pregnant and claiming the baby is his. Kye's life quickly unravels as he's pulled into a nightmare bigger than any bullying he has ever survived.

A contemporary novel that doesn't shy away from the dark side of adolescence, The Pool Theory is an honest depiction of what it means to live out the so-called best years of your life when all you want to do is disappear off the face of the earth.

my thoughts

Ugh, just ugh. This book was the most freaking hard book to read for me. I read it in a few hours because it was short, but it was so hard. To see how a fifteen year old boy thinks about being a father sucks. Not in the bad way, though. It’s interesting, but still hard to understand. I really felt like being him and I was so caught up in the story that I had to close my eyes some times to think about the whole mess. Just thinking about that someone can pass something like that it’s cruel.

Talking about the book, it didn’t make me laugh not even a bit. It made me have different feelings, like angst, sadness and even anger. If you ask me to recommend you this book, I would really not know what to tell you. It’s a good one, I cannot tell other thing, but it was totally not my favorite and I was really wishing to finish it faster. About the characters, they were okay. My favorite, to my surprise, was not the main one. It was Anthony. I don’t know, maybe his kind of friendship with Kye was what I really like about him. No matter how pissed Anthony was, he always came back for Kye. He was always there for him. I like Adam too, because no matter how far he was, he always gave his support to Kye, his little brother. That is cute.

About the end, can “ugh” describe my reaction? I didn’t even understand it. I have so many questions about it, like… so many things were not answered or if they were for me to wonder about them, then good job. I’m totally having a headache with all my thinking.

I just wanted a happy ending, for once at least, is that much to ask? I think that an author could answer that question with a “yes”. And I’m totally disappointed with that answer.

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