Saturday, August 17, 2013

Book to Movie [1]

Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters
(book - movie)

Book Author: Rick Riordan
Book Published: April 1st, 2006

Movie Director: Thor Freudenthal
Movie Release: August 7, 2013

So, yeah! I went to see this movie "based" in the book with the same name today, August 17. I know that you are thinking why today, when it was release the 7th, well it was not released that day where I lived. It was released two days ago, so I went today because I was free.

I read the whole series after the first movie came out. I really liked the movie, so I read the books. At that time, I knew that the books were nothing like the movies. The books were better! But obviously the movie is a bit better because of the actors, screenplay, effects and all. Still, I liked the books better.
This time, I was dissapointed but not so much with this movie. The characters were more elaborated, the screenplay was very cool and all the effects were outstanding. I really enjoy the movie and I kind of recommend it.

There are things that were not in the book and things that were in it, but still an awesome movie. Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario and Leven Rambin were my favorites. About my favorite scene... I think that I liked very much the end. Because it was very based in the book (not so much, but still). Is the scene when Thalia "wakes up" and says something like: "I'm Thalia, daughter of Zeus." I really love it! That part was the very end and so we think like yes, the next one will be out too.

I really wish for all the books being in movies. Because I really want to and I will enjoy them. But I really wish not to wait another three years for the next one, like the time before.

Tell me if you saw the movie, what you think and your favorite part!

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