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Once - By: Anna Carey

Once (Eve #1)
by: Anna Carey

3.5 of 5 stars
When you're being hunted, who can you trust?

For the first time since she escaped from her school many months ago, Eve can sleep soundly. She's living in Califia, a haven for women, protected from the terrifying fate that awaits orphaned girls in The New America.

But her safety came at a price: She was forced to abandon Caleb, the boy she loves, wounded and alone at the city gates. When Eve gets word that Caleb is in trouble, she sets out into the wild again to rescue him, only to be captured and brought to the City of Sand, the capital of The New America.

Trapped inside the City walls, Eve uncovers a shocking secret about her past--and is forced to confront the harsh reality of her future. When she discovers Caleb is alive, Eve attempts to flee her prison so they can be together--but the consequences could be deadly. She must make a desperate choice to save the ones she loves . . . or risk losing Caleb forever.

my thoughts

Sequel of Eve, Once, is not that good like I expect it to be. I don't know, maybe I was expecting something furious and rebelious from Eve. To tell you my opinion of the book, you must be prepare for some minor spoilers and this review will totally spoil you the first book, if you have not read it.

The story of this book begin with Eve in Califia, the women haven. Her life there is not too happy. She is alone, as in without Caleb or Arden. The King is still hunting her and she thinks that he is hunting her to bear his children. Wrong. Anyway, in the days she is in Califia, Arden arrives and both girls beginning to plan to search for Caleb because the founders of Califia want to trade her to the King for safety. They escape, but they do not find Caleb, they find soldiers... New American soldiers.

After both girls are captured, Arden is back into the "breeding" institution and Eve goes to the King. BAM! The Kings is her father. That was unexpected, right? Not for me, I knew something was up and there it is. Her full name is Geneive (I still don't know the last name) and everyone calls her Princess Geneive. What a happy ending. But that doesn't end there. Caleb founds her in the city and they begin to plot their escape and some other plans about to help rebels, tunnels, plotting against the king, yadda, yadda. As you can tell, those plans went down the toilet.

At the end, Caleb is "dead" which I don't believe (not a chance), Eve is in the altar because of her wedding with Charles and Moss gave her another quest: kill her father.

What I think about the book? It was super low, like turtle slow. So let's see what Rise have for me now. I want to know how Caleb "resucitate" and the story ending, of course.

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