Monday, August 5, 2013

Book Issues [2] - Giving Up

Hello, again!
So, my first post of Book Issues was not long time ago, but I felt like writing about a new problem. I'm currently struggling with this one. This is not the first time that I have this issue and certainly will not be last. As you may know, this meme was created by me and basically is me talking about some problems related to books that I have and that maybe you do too. Be free to use this meme whenever you want and with the whichever problem you have. Please, link back to my blog. Thanks and hope you like reading the following issue.

Book Issue #2 - Giving Up

As you might see in the title, Giving up, and you may be asking: giving up what? That's the question, Macbeth. To be or not to be? In this contest my question is: giving up or not giving up?

Giving up a book for me is something serious and something I rarely do. If the book is bored, but there is something about it that I like, plus the book is short, I will totally read it. I may give it a low rating, but hey, I read it and I didn't give up! Now, this issue impacts very hard when: (1) the book is very long, (2) the book is bored as hell, (3) I don't like the characters, (4) the plot becomes more and more weird or complicated for me to understand what the hell is happening and (5) when I'm feeling to read another book instead of this one.

I'm currently reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. I will not talk about the book, because this is not a review. But, hell, that book is giving the nerves and making my reading job very hard. I take a lot of breaks from it, I barely read 100 pages a day (which is uncommon for me), the book have 608 pages and I'm in page 461, after five days reading. The book is divided by three levels (aka parts) and I'm currently in Level Three and I feel in Level One still. The action is very slow and I'm constatly fighting sleep while reading. I must confessed that I have never felt this way about a book. Yeah, I have find some bored books and all, but not like this. I always read them, gave them a low rating and basically forgot about them after a day.

I must confess that I DO GIVE UP my forced read from school and university, not all though. My country have two offial languages: Spanish and English. Basically the reading I do give up are the ones in Spanish. I have never give up a book in English. But for me, the Spanish books are out of my Not Giving Up rule, they are like a loophole and/or exception.

Solution of Issue #2 - Coming back at the question: giving up or not giving up? I really don't have a solution for this problem. Some of you may tell me like: give up, girl, and forget about the book. But, how I'm supposed to write a review of it? This is a serious issue for me.

Call you tell me another solution? Do you have the same problem? I would really appreciate some feedback. Thanks!

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