Monday, August 12, 2013

Rise - By: Anna Carey

Rise (Eve #3)
by: Anna Carey

3.5 of 5 stars
How far will you go when you have nothing left to lose?

When she lost her soul mate, Caleb, Eve felt like her world had ended. Trapped in the palace, forced to play the part of the happy, patriotic princess of The New America—and the blushing bride of her father's top adviser—Eve's whole life is a lie. The only thing that keeps her going is Caleb's memory, and the revolution he started.

Now, Eve is taking over where Caleb left off. With the help of Moss, an undercover subversive in the King's court, she plots to take down The New America, beginning with the capital, the City of Sand. Will Eve be able to bring about a new, free world when she's called upon to perform the ultimate act of rebellion—killing her father?

my thoughts

How much more pissed can I be? I think I can be more if I keep thinking about this book. In this review, I will only talked about spoilers, because I'm so pissed about the book... I will reveal so many things that if you have not read the book, don't keep reading this. BYE!

Excese my manners. The fucking end has me mad. I'm so pissed at it. I really really hate it. How you, as a writer, can finish a WHOLE series with the line "I'm his wife"? Seriously! This book have so many things I don't like. First, Eve is always weeping about Caleb's death (which is a lie). Second, Moss died. Third, Pip died. Fourth... I cannot keep counting them, because my list will not finish. I did not understood why Moss died, for real. I don't know. Then Pip, really? She was one of the good ones, why her?

Talking about dead people... Caleb. At the END (take a look at end), we know he is alive, which I knew it because I never thought he was dead. Shot? yeah. Dead? not a chance. But really, when I said end, I mean it. It was until the last page and he didn't even talk or something. We just know that he is alive, nothing more. I was waiting for a hug, kiss or an I love you, but no. Do you belive that there was not a single I love you in this whole book? You can check it, there is not.

So many things were left hanging that its why I don't like it. I don't recommend it.

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