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Book Issues [1] - Release Dates

This is my first post of my new created meme, Book Issues. As a brief description: consists in posting about some common or not so common book issues and/or problems some bookworms may confront. These are basically my issues, but do not be afraid to share yours. If you want to make a post, then be free to do it, you may use the banner from about, but please link back to my blog. Thanks and I hope you like my posts.

Book Issue #1 - Release Dates
Begin to explain this issue might take me a while to say everything I'm thinking. It is hard to talk about a huge topic like the Release Dates of books and their different problems. So, I will divide them by numbers:
  1. Issue #1.1 - You may or may not now this, but I live in a tiny island in the Caribbean Sea called Puerto Rico and here the book industry is very fuck up. That's basically my first problem when I became a full time bookworm. The publishers establish a release date for the country with better book industries (eg: US, UK, etc.). I understand this because they do earn much money in those countries. But I become furious, because I really don't know when the book might be release in MY country. That pissed me off.
  2. Issue #1.2 - Now, other problem about these dates is they are very very far away. I really don't understand (but I do understand, its just that I don't want to think about it too much) why would a publisher want to release a book almost two years from today. I can wait six months or a year, but a year with eight months or two years... that's kind a lot.
  3. Issue #1.3 - When we are talking about a book which is the second, third or whatever number of the series is going to be release... that's a issue too. Let me explain. Imagine this situation (which tends to be real), suppose that the first book, which you love, but it have a huge cliffhanger, was release in February. You brought the book in the library the same month, because of X reasons and while reading it you notice that it was very awesome and perfect. But when you finish... BAM! A cliffhanger so huge that it hurts to think about the book. You begin to search in the web, to see if there is a sequel and it does have a sequel. The problem is... its going to be released in March of the NEXT year (we are talking about one year and one month later). You see my point?
  4. Issue #1.4 - This problem is not mine, but I have friends (internet friends) that they have this isssue over and over again and I'm sad for them. Some times, not always, a book will be release X day in US (to use it as example) and in UK (example again) will be release a month later. The problem is not the date, is that everyone on the internet who are from US are talking about the book and how awesome was and you are sitting very bored and all waiting for that stupid date to arrive. A very sad problem, I must say.
Now, let's talk about some solutions of this issues. Not all issues have solutions or others are very extreme solutions, but hey! That's how fuck up the life is. *sighs*
  1. Solutions to Issue #1.1 - That issue is very mine, I really don't know too many people that live in my country, so... Anyway, a solution might be move from country (very extreme, I know), but right now I cannot full fill that wish. I'm still studying (second year of University), I don't have a job (for now), I do not live on my own and I really will miss my country. I can complain about it so many times, that maybe you think I hate it, but... I was born here and raised here, so yeah no hate. BUT I do have another solution and its the one I always use (not always, you might understand). I can buy the books via Amazon! The release date is the same from US, so YEY! I still might need to wait a week or more for the book to arrive to my house, but its better than nothing.
  2. Solution to Issue #1.2 & #1.3 - This is not a solution that I can full fill, because I'm not the author of the book(s). But if I was the author, I might do some 0.5 short stories. See the situation: the first book was released in February, the 0.5 short story/novella is release in August and the second book will be release in March. That's not that bad, right? It can work.
  3. Solution to Issue #1.4 - To my lovely friends with other date releases, I'm sorry to tell you that I do not have a solution for you. Maybe buying the e-book, but I think that those are release the same that as paperbooks, so no. I'm really really sorry. I send you patience!
That's everything for now. I hope you understood everything! If you have suffered or are suffering some or one of this issues and want to share your experience, come on and comment. If you want to request a topic or something else, comment too!
Happy Day(:


  1. This is definitely an interesting post! For your first problem, perhaps just try ordering from The Book Depository? They ship basically anywhere in the world, and shipping is FREE. It's seriously awesome. I'm actually not a fan of 0.5 books, since I feel as if they're just filler. I just want the real books. And I understand the fact that it'll be a long wait, but sometimes with a cliffhanger, it can be pretty hard to wait! ;)

    Lovely post, dear! <3

    1. Thanks for reading. I will check about that. Yeah, I kind of feel the same with 0.5 books, but something they do have interesting things to show. *thumbs up for those books*

      thanks sweetheart<3


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