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[Triple Review] Guardian - Firewall - Solace, by: Sierra Riley

by: Sierra Riley


Attorney Alexander Wilson lies to himself. He’s not in the closet. He’s happy alone. He could come out to his work colleagues any time. Until then it’s one nerd and his Corgi, his string of failed relationships, and his collection of Space Shuttle toys. So when he’s hired by a tattooed, musclebound mechanic, it’s just as well that Conflict of Interest prevents him getting involved.

Mechanic Titus Edwards walked away from a promising Army career. As a former EOD expert he’s faced tougher environments than Flushing, Queens, but never a tougher job: raising his eight year old niece. When her biological father crawls out of the woodwork, Titus needs an attorney if he’s to protect her. But he’s not expecting to find himself drawn to Alex. After all, Alex is a guy. And Titus isn’t gay.

Both men are haunted by pasts they would rather forget. But if they are to forge a future together they’re going to need to overcome more than their individual hurts. Can they learn to trust themselves and each other before it’s too late?

by: Sierra Riley


Justin West is one of the world's most sought-after IT security specialists. His skills as a network penetrator are renowned, but in meatspace he's seen as cold and awkward. His Asperger's makes it hard to be a team player and in a cutthroat industry, enemies abound. Justin is framed for a massive security breach and soon it's not just his job on the line; his very life is in danger.

Bodyguard Calder Lesley takes pride in his career protecting others. In contrast to his geeky hotshot best friend, Calder uses body language and psychology to excel at his job. He only ignores his instincts when it comes to Justin. Even though their friendship has been long distance for eight years, Justin's feelings for him are obvious. Calder's afraid of nothing... except losing a friend to pursue a new kind of love.

When a rival hacker threatens Justin's career, he's going to need the help of the person he trusts most, but Calder can't protect him from a distance. Forced into Calder's orbit for protection, the sparks begin to fly as Justin's career falls apart. Opposites might attract, but can they last?

by: Sierra Riley


Shane Carter couldn’t wait to see his daughter after returning home from Afghanistan. Even though the scars he collected overseas ran deep, her light always brought him through the darkness. But when his ex-wife denies him the chance, those scars bleed into every part of his life and Shane is forced to admit he needs help.

Aaron Hayes thought he’d found the perfect career as a service dog trainer. Until he realized speaking to crowds was part of the job description. He’s never felt safe in a crowd, but one-on-one? That’s a different story. And when a handsome and troubled veteran needs his help training a service dog, Aaron doesn’t hesitate.

Shane tries his best to keep Aaron at a distance, even though his attraction to the man is undeniable. Convinced a quick fling will get it out of his system, he seduces Aaron. But he soon realizes he’s the one falling under Aaron’s spell. As Aaron starts to become his light in the darkness, Shane fears their future together--or lack thereof. If he can't even win back his own daughter, how is he ever going to fend off his demons long enough to find solace with Aaron?

Like I said in a post before this one, I had a craving for MM Romance and I found so many books. So, here is my lazy ass making short reviews of some books because I just don't want to review much. I found that the author Sierra Riley write mostly MM Romance and some of them are Gay For You, so ding ding ding. I won the lottery of this type of romance.

Guardian is the first book I read of this author and I really started with a good one. The plot is simple and almost expected to happen, but I still love every single page. Alex is a family attorney that defends families to stick together. When he is in need of a mechanic, his first stop was in Ty's auto repair. Ty is a mechanic, ex-soldier and currently raising his niece because her mom died and her father is a no show, until he shows out of nowhere. Ty went to Alex for help and I think you can guess how everything goes down.

I was impressed of how everything escalated quickly, but not that fast. I read how everything turned out better than good. All the trial and stuff ended early, and I knew it was time for Alex and Ty's time alone and I loved every single thing. I loved how everything ended with a HEA and certainly make me want to read more books of this author. Which I did.

Then, I read Firewall. It attract me that fact that one was a bodyguard (which I always love) and the other one was a hacker (which is very geeky and I love). Better yet, these two have been best friends from long time and have been in love with each other that time without telling the other one. After eight years without seeing each other, Calder and Justin just clicked. Heat between them is off the charts and the chemistry and tension is palpable and can be cut with a knife. But they have to take the step without risking breaking the friendship bond.

I really really like it. I felt like I need a little more, but I liked everything of the book. How everything went and all. The character of Justin was my favorite, but Calder was pretty hot too. I just wish for more, that's all.

And just finished a couple of hours ago is Solace. I typically don't read much of soldiers with PTSD because it hurts me much. But I liked this one, because not only Shane had a problem, but Aaron does not do good with crowds, so basically they help each other. Aaron is so cute, that I just want to squeeze his cheeks and tell him so. I cannot lie and tell you that the story of Shane did not affected me, because everything about surviving war is not happy. I just wanted to hug him, help him and tell him that everything was going to be ok.

The mayor plus in this book was definitely Buttercup. That dog is the MVP! Who I hated the most was David, like motherfucker get out of the way, you bitch. But Shane stood his ground for his daughter and did not broke his face, which would have been funny, though. Plus, I really loved the epilogues. Everyone happy.

So that's how lazy I am. Making one post for three books and reviewing them at the same time. Lazy-ass, I know! But, still, the books were perfect for when I needed to read a little bit of romance and I might continue to read more of this author. I just love HEAs. Read me later!

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