Sunday, May 22, 2016

[Series Review] Faith, Love & Devotion, by: Tere Michaels

This is what I call a run-on series. A series that does not end in cliffhangers between books, that they continue till the end, and that the mayor plots are resolved in the very last book. So, why don't binge reading it and then review it?
by: Tere Michaels


Let me start saying, that I might be lacking power in writing reviews, because I'm feeling more like reading than reviewing. I read this whole series in one sitting and I'm doing a series review, because I'm very lazy and I did not want to review each of them individually.

When I finish Faith & Fidelity, I knew I had to continue reading (other than me being lazy and not wanting to write a review), because I wanted to know more, so I did. I loved the first book, so much that I had higher expectations for the next four (boy, was I wrong). I came upon with the series after searching for recommendations for MM Romance (I needed a fix of it), but especially Gay For You. I found a lot, which I will read after this series, but this one attract more my attention. I have always loved cops going, you know, gay. Those are the best stories!
Evan and Matt are simply one of the weirdest couples I have read. They compliment each other in ways that I have never read in a series. Evan being so mournful to become so joyful and confused about his new relationship with Matt disarmed me. It was everything so sweet, romantic and out of a romance novel (which it is). Matt is one of those characters that will always tell you things honestly and straightforward, even though he is not straight anymore. Evan's kids are totally the best, but my favorite was Katie because she was a mouthful. This happy family took up Matt and absorb him when most they need him. The end of the first book was simply beautiful, but I felt bereft because I couldn't actually see the happy ending, BUT the series keep going, so I was happy then.

What I was not happy about was the fact that the second book did not follow very closely on Evan and Matt, but in Jim and Griffin. We met Jim, because he was a one-night stand of Matt once upon a time when he was not with Evan because issues. Jim found Griffin (more like vice versa) by a mere chance. These two clicked better than the mouse of my computer! Jim is super serious, with an OCD in having everything in order and clean. While Griffin is always going with the flow and no matter how awkward the moment is he'll make you laugh. Second book comes as fast as it came.

Third, fourth and last book were a combination of both couple stories and their happy endings. We see them how they work things out through the years and is something I wouldn't ask more for it. But my greatest critique is that there wasn't much action. Either way I love all of them!

My favorite characters are Helena, Griffin and Katie, like hands down. These three would make me laugh out loud quite a lot. I didn't quite like Miranda because all the shade she threw to Matt, but at the end everything was a-ok and I was fine with her.

I wished I would actually read an epilogue about Griffin and Jim with their daughter, but I was more than happy with everything I read overall. Reading these books were a great pastime, so I'm sure that if you are looking for a great written romance, these should be your pick. Read me later!

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