Sunday, May 15, 2016

Bout of Books 16 [Day 6 + Day 7 + Wrap Up]

It ended, already, and I certainly not did well. I almost forgot about the read-a-thon per se at the beginning, but I did read a little this week, but I never caught up. I suck! I challenged myself to read eight books, so I definitely failed.. What the hell I was thinking? Really, bro.
Read Between Day 6 & 7:


Mister O, by: Lauren Blakely
15 / 300 pages

#Player, by: Cambria Hebert [RE-READ]
478 / 598 pages

Read Overall:
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The Girl's Got Secrets, by: Linda Kage
426 / 426 pages

Taxi, by: Cambria Hebert
300 / 300 pages

#Nerd, by: Cambria Hebert [RE-READ]
472 / 472 pages

#Hater, by: Cambria Hebert [RE-READ]
492 / 492 pages

Total of Pages Read: 2,183
Total of Books Read: 4

Será para la próxima, amigos! Ciao!

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